6 DIY Wedding Photography Tips

It’s pretty common to have a budget set for a wedding celebration since there are so many aspects that you need to shell out money for. One of which is your wedding photos. However, some couples tend to forego hiring a professional photographer as the fees eat up a massive portion of their finances. If you’re thinking of partaking in the same path, you can consider some tips in this article and go the DIY route for your wedding photography.

While some people overly emphasize splurging on photos and videos for their big day, this might not be the case for you if you’re more practical. After all, there’s still a lot of opportunities to come up with professional-like shots as long as you apply effective techniques and ideas. For instance, you can refer to some dating photography techniques and apply similar points to your wedding photos, too. If you’re looking for more details, check Facetune.

You’re just a few steps away from getting amazing shots and images by employing some pointers discussed below.

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1. Scout The Most Talented Friend Or Family In Photography

Once you go DIY for your wedding photos, the initial step is to find someone who can take great pictures. They could be a friend, a guest, or a relative who can volunteer and test out their photography skills on this special occasion. You can communicate ahead, whether they’ll be asking for some minimal charges or they’ll be willing to offer their talents utterly free of charge. They might just require some equipment you need to provide, so this is a significant saving. After all, you’d like to allocate your wedding budget wisely.

One advantage of choosing a close friend or family member to shoot your wedding is that they usually know you and your partner quite well, so the results of the photos can be more personal and unique. The key is to think about all of your close friends and families, and contact those who might be willing to volunteer for this task. You can easily decide which people to approach if you’ve seen some of their portfolios and previous photography projects.

To learn how to do DIY wedding photography successfully, you, your partner, and the photographer will need to put in a lot of effort. So, ensure that your amateur photographer can be with you on this journey. Practicing successful photography is a great way to learn the elements, thus, you can explain your theme, exchange ideas, and experiment together. 

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2. Prepare The Must-Have Equipment

Even though pros typically bring equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars, amateurs have fewer tools at their disposal. It’s lucky enough if they own a high-quality and high-resolution professional camera. And, a minor thing you can do is provide them with the right tools and equipment to make their photography task hassle-free and more successful. You can do some research or ask your friend about what lenses and gear to get.

You can seek suggestions from others and ensure that your amateur photographer knows how to use such equipment. You need to secure and rent out these tools before the big day so they’ll have ample time to practice using them and be comfortable with them.

Also, don’t overlook the importance of memory cards; you’d want unlimited photos taken on your wedding day. You can also secure some software and promising photo apps to filter or edit images after the shoot. While your chosen photographer can be great with raw photos, there’s also something special with pictures that have been edited adequately.

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3. Prepare Ahead And Have A Plan B

Like all the other components of your wedding, everything should be well-planned. When you visit a location, you should decide what types of pictures you want to take. Include all the family members and friends you need in photos, so no one gets left out. You can prepare clear instructions on how the images can be taken, from couple to group and family photos.

Find out what you like in terms of images and know how to make them. You and your amateur photographer friend should plan together ahead and think of a backup plan as well. You’ll never know how things would go downhill, so it’s always better to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Hence, it’s wise to bring backup camera and gear, and find a second person who can take decent photos. This is just in case your friend gets sick or experiences an emergency during your special day.

You must be well-prepared on the big day because so many things can go wrong. Add more backup plans related to the weather change, empty batteries, defective memory cards, schedules, and any other factor that might have issues. You can also discuss the shoot sequence so your friend can anticipate and plot the shoot better. 

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4. Prepare The Shoot Plan

It’s equally important to plan your shoot as it is to conduct it. You can create a vision regarding which corners or nooks you’d like to get photos of. It’s a good idea to schedule multiple photo opportunities at different locations. You can also even think ahead of the poses you’d like to do.

If you’re not very keen on and comfortable posing in front of the camera, it’ll help if you conduct online research and copy some easy-to-execute poses. You can relay the same advice to your partner. The great thing about having a photographer friend is that they can help make you feel more relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. They’ll also be more patient until you get the perfect shot you’ve been looking for.  

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5. Shoot The Candid Moments And Reactions

Wedding album photos of guests having a good time are much appreciated by newlyweds. You can suggest this to your amateur photographer so they can focus on capturing candid wedding moments and reactions. Your relatives, friends, and family members deserve to have their faces captured. Make sure your photographer takes photos quickly and covers as many faces as possible. You’ll realize in the future how important and significant these candid photos actually are.

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6. Capture Smiles And Emotions

Smiles and genuine emotions are moments worth capturing. You can also inform your photographer to stay on the lookout for genuine happy faces and emotional moments. Some scenes like kids playing together, your parents holding out joyful tears, or friends playfully teasing and laughing altogether are those moments worth capturing, too.


It’s possible to take and have amazing photos on the most special day of your life, even if you don’t hire a professional photographer. As long as you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to achieve excellent results that you can keep and recall for a lifetime. Remember to have fun and enjoy this journey, and don’t forget to thank your amateur photographer after the event for their outstanding efforts.