6 Photography Tips for Taking Bride Getting Ready Photos

Weddings are monumental events in our lives. While the groom is equally important as the bride, we’re going to admit it – wedding ceremonies are more about the bride. There’s something about the big white gown, and you can’t deny it. In today’s time of social media networks having nice photos is essential for every bride. If you ever attended wedding preparations you know that every future bride-to-be wants tons of photos. These days it is popular to take photos from the early morning till the wedding ceremony and party are over.

Most people hire professional photographers for photography sessions, but some decide to have their friends family, or bridesmaids do it. If you’re not a pro this might pose a challenge. But, even if you’re a professional photographer there might be a use for you from our photography tips for taking bride getting ready photos. There’s something magical in a bride that’s getting prepared for the big moment. It is vital to catch some of this magic in photos. But, can you do it on the first attempt? It’s needed to be done this way, as the bride will only get dressed once during that day.

If you’re one of the people tasked with this obligation for the big occasion, you’re lucky that you stumbled upon this article. Taking the bride getting ready photos is not easy if you’re not professionals like erie-pics.com that done it hundreds of times. No, you’re going to need a little help, and a nudge in the right direction. Our tips tend to provide precisely that. If you are ready to turn pro at least for a day, keep reading as we have some great advice on how to get things right, for your own, and the sake of the newlyweds. Let’s get started with tipping.

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1. Start With the Bridesmaids

While the bride is the centerpiece of the entire event, not everything should start with her. No, as far as the prep photos go, you need to focus on the bridesmaids first. They’re the ones to get dressed first.  This is not done to put the bride on the second fiddle. No, it is all about the focus. Once the bride starts dressing up, the distractions will be gone. If everyone else is ready, the bride has the center stage once the photo session starts. Furthermore, it is all about the ride getting prepared. Everyone else is less important. Also, it will help a lot to have everyone else fully prepared while the bride levels up her attire.

2. Choose a Spacious Room

When you choose a venue for your wedding, you’ll pick the one that will fit your entire party. When you’re choosing a location for a photography session, it needs to be spacious. Take more than you think you might need. This is what photos love. Space is vital for photos that’ll be remembered.  Also, it’s not like there will be only the bride and the photographer. No, there are dozens of other people, bridesmaids, parents, friends, family, members of the staff, usually everyone but the groom. This is why space matters. You need to be able to move around, walk freely, take different poses, and take group photos if needed. Also, your photographer will need space to move around you. You don’t want your photos damaged by the lack of space. The final product maters but prepare the filed for it.

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3. Light Things Up

You could have your photographer carry around a lot of equipment and be in charge of the lights, but you could take a natural way out. What we’re talking about is natural light. When you choose a spacious location for your photo session, make sure that you also select a room or space that has big windows. Natural light is the best light. The sun beams can make any photo glow, unlike any artificial solutions. Once your photos light up everyone, you’ll thank us for this tip. Big windows, a lot of natural light, and a good photographer are a recipe for a great bride getting a ready photo.

4. Enjoy Yourself

This is also a life-pro tip. It is all about enjoying the whole ordeal. Once the photos start flowing, you need to forget that you’re a bride. No, at that moment you need to be a model. Pose for the photos, be natural, and make spontaneous faces and poses.  It is all about enjoying yourself. The pressure and stress will come later on when you walk down the aisle, or when you’re making wedding wows. Photos are meant to be fun, especially those that will depict the preparation process. It’s all about capturing the moments you’ll spend with friends and family, and your girls. You should spend them enjoying yourself.

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5. Keep The Class On

Enjoying yourself a bit too much could ruin the event. This is why it is important to keep things classy. This shouldn’t be too hard. The bride needs to keep her lass on. Everything needs to be tasteful. A couple of glasses of Champaign is fine, but don’t go overboard with alcohol. These photos are intended to last you a lifetime, and that’s why it is vital to keep things under control. Adding a bit of class to it will not harm anyone. In fact, in the long run, it will give you pleasure in the way you handled things.

6. Detail Out

In romantic comedy films or just those that are romantic, brides are always depicted as nervous types, control-freaks, that want everything going according to plan. While going overboard is not wise, you should keep an eye on the details. The bride is the centerpiece of the event as we already said, and having all the details in place is vital. Not only for the bride but for the photographer and everyone else. Details are important. Things such as dresses, shoes, jewelry, rings, and everything else need to be in place. You’ll thank us later for this advice. Don’t be afraid to plan everything out, even the smallest details.