10 Unique And Glamorous Venues For Your Intimate Wedding

Not every bride dreams of having a huge and elaborate wedding where the guest list stretches on for miles. In fact, many couples are opting for smaller more intimate settings where they can exchange their vows in front of just a few of the most important people in their lives.

As far as weddings in the age of Coronavirus are concerned, it has become even more of a necessity to keep things simple and small. Thousands of couples have been forced to downsize their plans in recent months to stay within the strict social distancing guidelines that have been enacted around the world.

Just because you are having a small wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t get married in style. From renting a luxury yacht from emeraldlanding.com to hosting an intimate dinner wedding in the halls of your favorite art gallery, there are many ways to add glamour to your wedding with these unique wedding venue ideas.

1. Yacht

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Sail off into the open waters to celebrate your new life together. If you are hosting a small wedding, you can rent a yacht for the day to sail you and your guests away for a night of luxury and fun. There is no better way to get away from the crowds than heading out into the surf. You can arrange your catering to be set up right on the boat and have enough room to dance the night away with your guests. Many yachts also offer private cabins to accommodate the newlywed couple and their guests.

2. Art Gallery

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Bridal couples can end up spending thousands of dollars on their decorating budget, trying to turn ordinary reception halls into the wedding venue of their dreams. If you are having an intimate wedding, why not save some money and choose a venue that comes with its own built-in charm and beauty. Talk to your local art gallery or museum about renting a private hall or exhibit room where you can host your nuptials and a small dinner surrounded by stunning art from around the world.

3. Private Island

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Nothing says “social distancing” in style like a private island. There is no better way to get away and celebrate than renting an entire island for just you and your wedding party. Make your wedding a full weekend event where you and your guest can enjoy an island all to yourselves. Take part in all the advantages of island life with games, water sports and lounging in the beauty of the island.

4. Castle

Source: Tie the Knot Scotland

If you are a bride that wants a small wedding that still makes you feel like a princess then you should think about having your wedding in a castle. That’s right, a real-life castle. There are hundreds of castles across Europe and the U.S. that offer wedding rentals and packages that are perfect for an intimate wedding. You can get married with a breathtaking and historic background and have unique accommodations for all of your guests.

5. Waterfall

Source: Medium

If you and your partner love the outdoors, why not bring the beauty of nature right into your wedding. There are thousands of stunning waterfalls around the country where you and your guests can gather to celebrate the start of your new life together. Imagine the picturesque backdrop of cascading waters as you exchange your vows and begin your life together. This is the perfect venue for anyone that loves a bit of adventure and flare.

6. Conservatory

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a wedding that is filled with lush beauty and glamor, you can’t go wrong with a conservatory venue. Many of the most architecturally stunning buildings are the glass and iron conservatories found around the country. Filled with exotic flora and fauna, these venues showcase nature at its most beautiful. A conservatory makes for a dramatic ceremony background and the perfect place to capture some unique wedding photos.

7. Mountain Top

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Take your guest on a breathtaking journey as you exchange your vows on the top of a mountain. Whether you choose a spot in the Rockies or along the top edges of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can’t find a more spectacular backdrop than the top of a mountain for your wedding. Make sure to choose a destination where there is easy access for you and your guests with minimal hiking on your big day.

8. Theatre

Source: The Knot

There are thousands of historical theatres around the country that could be the perfect intimate location to host your wedding. Hit the stage in a theatre that is filled with charm and intricate architectural details to say your “I do’s”. Give your guests a front-row seat to witness your ceremony and then invite them up on stage to enjoy some dinner and dancing into the night.

9. Beach

Source: Playa Del Carmen

Thousands of couples are choosing to keep things simple and glamorous by using the beach as the perfect setting for their wedding. This affordable and naturally beautiful wedding venue is great for couples that are on a budget but still want to have a striking background for their wedding. Listen to the waves roll into the beach and enjoy the feel of warm sand between your toes as you begin your journey together.

10. Vineyard

The natural beauty of the rolling hills filled with luscious grape vines could be the perfect venue for your intimate wedding. Enjoy the glorious outdoor setting with your small group and arrange for your catering to be set up indoors or out in the yards. You won’t have to go far to find the best wines for your reception to treat your guests. While you have your wedding photos taken, you can even treat your guests to a tour of the facility and a custom wine tasting.

Getting married is about so much more than the wedding. Focus on the future and less on the event itself and how you will move forward in your lives together. If you are thinking about having a small wedding with limited guests but still want to create a glamorous day that you will remember forever, think about reserving one of these unique wedding venues.