Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue on Long Island

There are some great places to get married in New York State, and among the most beautiful and popular are in Long Island. With a variety of excellent venues that offer a superb backdrop for any event, there’s a great choice to consider.

2020 hit the wedding and hospitality market hard. With social distancing in place and travel restrictions and limits on the number of people allowed to gather, many weddings were postponed. Now that the vaccines are showing an effect, there is a notable boom in demand for weddings. Venues are booking up fast, so you need to get in now before you find your date cannot be accommodated.

In the following article, we’ll be talking about what you want from your wedding, why informal and semi-formal weddings have become popular, and how to choose the best Long Island wedding venue. Let’s start by considering the sort of event you want your wedding to be as this can greatly affect your choice of venue.

What Sort of Wedding Do You Want?


First question: are you planning a full-on traditional white wedding? Or are you someone who wants a less ostentatious and overblown event? Perhaps you have already got married during the pandemic and are now planning the reception party? This occurrence became surprisingly common as couples chose not to postpone the actual marriage but wait for the coast to clear for the gathering.

Or rather than a big traditional wedding, you may be looking at a less obvious and understated event? We’ll be talking about why this has become more popular in recent years in a moment.

Then you need to consider the sort of venue on Long Island that you want to be your wedding location. For a typical venue that is popular with all types of weddings, check out which should give you an idea of what to look for in the ideal choice.

When we researched this article, we began by looking at current wedding venue trends and what we found was quite surprising. More than ever before, weddings are about personal taste rather than conforming to expectations, so let’s have a look at why this has come about.

Why Informal Weddings Are In


We’re not suggesting you invite all your guests to come in jeans and a t-shirt – although this has been done – but that you do away with the stiff suit and tie regulation that comes with the full formal wedding. This is the way people are going in 2024, so why is it happening?

In many ways, we – that is, the world – are entering a new era, an era preceded by a world event unprecedented in the lifetime of most of us alive. These past two years have irrevocably changed the way we view life and how we live it. The more relaxed, less ordered approach to life has been brought about by exposure to how precious it is and how little time we may have.

Suppose that sounds a bit doom-laden. That’s not what we mean. People have come out of two dark years with a brighter view that sees them doing things their way, how they want to, rather than how the convention has it. So, the big, puffy ball gown wedding dress and all the attached apparel give way to simple, elegant, and beautiful – even short – dresses that embody an entirely different approach to the wedding concept.

A smart-casual wedding is a great way of making things simpler for both you and your guests, and a Long Island venue is the perfect choice for such a mode of the wedding. Our next subject looks at the guest list and whether you want a large or small wedding.

Who To Put on Your Guest List?


Knowing how many people you are inviting is essential if you want to book the best and most ideal venue. But who do you want to invite? During the pandemic, there was a limit on the number of people permitted to gather. Many people have realized that a small, more intimate wedding can be as enjoyable and special as a large and overblown full-on traditional example.

Whichever way you choose, you will get it right if you start with a number. Another question that is often asked is this one: do you want children at your wedding? Many couples ask that children are not brought to the wedding for various reasons, but it can offend some cases. We suggest the compromise of having children at the party afterward but not at the wedding itself.

There are conventions in traditional weddings that state who should sit where, speak when, and so forth. If you are going down the informal route, we also suggest throwing the rule book out of the window! There’s no reason other than tradition to stick to the regular format, and you may find a less stringent and ordered occasion to be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Do It Your Way


From the above information, you can see that weddings are moving to a different format for many people. The Long Island wedding venues are happy to cater to any type of wedding, whether formal, semi-formal, or informal. Never before has personal taste taken precedence over tradition in terms of wedding outfits and events, and we believe that a simple and enjoyable semi-formal wedding is perfect for a Long Island setting.

This is your chance to book a wonderful venue in a magnificent location that offers fantastic opportunities for those beautiful photographs you want from your wedding day. We suggest that you begin investigating Long Island venues that can cater to the number of people you wish to invite.

All that remains is for us to say you’ve chosen a great place to get married in Long Island and have fun deciding what sort of wedding you want to enjoy.