How Many Photos Are Typically in a Wedding Album?

If you have just gotten married you may be thinking and wondering how to sort your wedding album. Did you know that a standard-sized album should have 80-120 photos?!

It’s hard to determine the album’s ultimate layout unless your photographer designs it. Also, knowing what to put in and what to edit out can be tricky in itself. Want navigation and guidance on how to make your album dreamy? Keep on reading and find your answers down below.

Is there even a right number to go for when it comes to your pictures?

There is no all-inclusive answer that you can apply to all wedding couples. The truth is that each and every person is an individual for him or herself, making your selection and sorting out process fully optional and up to you.

There is no such thing as an “appropriate” number of wedding photos either. The number of photos you include depends on factors such as:

Number of taken pictures

The more photos you need to include in your wedding album, the larger it will be. You could like 50 of the images that your wedding photographer captures if they take 500, leaving you with only 50 options. Do the math, browse through all the pictures, and opt for something that truly suits you. Just make sure that you take a lot of pictures on the big day. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Types of photos for a wedding album

Images of wedding guests may or may not be included in the wedding album of certain couples (for example, photos from the first look, wedding vows, and first dance). This is entirely up to you.

The more images you provide in your wedding album, the more photos you will end up with in the final design of the album. Do you want it to be inclusive, or just the two of you?

What most people tend to stick with

Even though there is no “ideal” number of photos for a wedding album, most couples fall within a set range. The truth is that your budget & number of preferred copies can dictate the outcome due to its price. Here is what most couples tend to go for:

  • 10 to 60 images are appropriate for 20-page wedding booklets (one to three each page).
  • This number can be multiplied for a larger wedding album or book of photos.
  • Include 40-120 images in a 40-page wedding album; 80-240 images in an 80-page wedding album.

Things to consider

Your wedding album serves as a keepsake of your big day.

How many images and what kind of narrative to tell are entirely up to you. Do you want to include everything & everyone, or only share your groom & bride pics?

The more photos you take, the better your wedding album will be. Fewer photos may be appropriate for a wedding album that emphasizes the relationship between the couple (if you prefer something small & intimate).

How to make the right pick: top 4 key things to think about

1. Who do you want to reach

It’s common to have a favorite photo in every album, but why not think about the people who will be flicking through your album instead of solely thinking about yourself?

If you keep this in mind, you’ll be able to identify the difference between photographs that are truly iconic and those that are merely pretty. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to see things from their perspective to get the prettiest outcome.


2. Have a plan in mind

Why not try to break up the event and the day itself into some sections, such as:

  • More than a dozen photos that feature you getting ready (hair, makeup, dress & flowers), along with setting up the venue
  • 5 to 10 of your greatest portraits
  • Family and bridal party shots
  • Images from the wedding ceremony
  • Three to five images from the pre-ceremony preparations.
  • 3-5 images from the beginning of the night’s event
  • A selection of 2 to 5 photographs from the first dance

3. Do the math

It’s not a hard and fast rule that you should only include 2-15 images in each category, but the above may help you select which areas of your day should receive the most focus. This also depends on the bride and the groom.

As long as the photographer follows this procedure and you two are on the same page/you have a vision, he or she can rest assured that nothing significant to the couple will be missed. Be honest & talk it out beforehand to enjoy the prettiest pics.


4. Think about all the details + be creative

Whether it’s an arm resting on a shoulder or the centerpiece of a finger ring, the smallest details can evoke the strongest emotions, especially with brides. Such close-ups can be utilized to create distinctive album page backgrounds.

Your wedding day will provide inspiration for your wedding album. Fill in the blanks with your creative touch-ups and be sentimental!

Use a combination of black-and-white and color photographs to maintain interest. Double-page layouts can be utilized to display a large perspective of the newlyweds dancing, followed by more intimate, close-up images, such as a smiley face.

Where to find a photographer who meets your requirements?

Plan on getting married sometime soon? If so, make sure that you’re patient yet picky when it comes to taking pictures and discussing photography. Also, pick out a photographer who gets you & your wishes. Apply all of these tips and tricks, but also discuss the process with your other half in the beginning. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago Bozena Voytko should be your top pick. Not only that she does do amazing shots & captures the beauty of it all, she also does engagement, event, personal & portrait pictures! Give her a go and see for yourself.