13 Awkward Moments In Weddings

Wedding is usually the most important event in the bride and groom’s life, so it is essential that everything goes according to plan. However, that is not always the case. There are some awkward moments that can occur on your wedding day despite careful planning, and it can really test your patience. Here are some surprising things that happened during some wedding ceremonies that have been caught on camera!

1. This is what happens when a bear shows uninvited to your wedding. Who could have ever expected that!

Source: Awkward Family Photos

2. This couple held their wedding in their backyard this summer, and their favorite photo looks like this.


3. If you choose to wear a wedding dress that has a long train and your wedding is happening outdoors, this is not even that surprising, just awkward!

Source: Imgur

4. Have you ever seen something more romantic than having a beautiful ocean in the background of your wedding pictures?

Source: TheWorldNews

5. This beautiful photo can only be ruined if a large wave was to appear unexpectedly.

Source: TheWorldNews

6. This is a perfect example of what can happen when you decide to have your wedding photographs taken in front of cute farm animals.

Source: Instagram

7. If your bridal gown has a lot of layers, a windy outdoor place like this one might not be your friend.

Source: Pinterest

8. We do not recommend trying this life hack if you are a bridesmaid unless you want to be caught on camera.

Source: TheWorldNews

9. Be careful when catching the bride’s bouquet or an awkward moment like this may happen.

Source: R7

10. If you are not a fan of spooky stuff, this wedding store might shock you.

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11. When planning your wedding, you must be cautious about who you hire to make your cake.

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12. These stunning candles will look so splendid on your wedding cakes.

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13. If you are fond of surprises, this wedding theme might be a perfect pick for you.