15 ideas for your wedding cake stand

It is important to make a statement. Hardly anyone forgets what the wedding cake looked like, so the cake stand is an important part of the presentation as well. They can be easily personalized, and they create a theme around the cake. Be free to be creative and have a wedding cake that stands out!

1. Height and dimension

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Kylie Carlson of International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning says that now many couples choose bold cakes with geometric elements or gold leaf accents.

2. Suspend the cake

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If you want to add a little drama to your wedding celebration, think about suspending the cake.

3. Add some florals

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Florals are seen quite often on wedding cakes, but going extra and making it look romantic would be a great choice.

4. Going vintage

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Some couples like to keep it simple. Vintage-inspired cake stand will always look pretty.

5. Adding some sweets

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Who doesn’t like candy? A cake stand with cupcakes is an amazing idea. Your guests will love it as well, for sure!

6. Floating the cake in flowers

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A clear cake stand with flowers is a great choice as well.

7. A hanging cake

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This unexpected freestanding cake will amaze everyone!

8. A cake hoop

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This is a great way to highlight the cake.

9. Using timeless silver

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Silver never goes out of style. If you want your cake to look elegant, this is a great choice.

10. Having fun with the cake

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American Heirloom cake stands are functional, beautiful, and sturdy.

11. Getting fruity

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These colorful cake stands will add joy to your special day.

12. Going upside down

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This will, for sure, be unexpected and fun. The kids will love it as well.

13. Turning it into a party

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Your wedding is a party so feel free to ass some words or flashlights!

14. Going for the gold

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This is a fun and elegant choice

15. Boozing it up

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A wine barrel and be a wedding cake stand as well! If it fits the theme, then why not?