Best 15 Wedding Cake Flavors

A wedding cake should best represent the bride and groom, and the way they want to spend the rest of their lives together. From the look of the cake to its flavor, we give you the best 15 wedding cake flavor that will make your guests take the entire cake home.


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The secret ingredient of this cake is champagne. In addition to this, add some raspberry mousse and vanilla buttercream, and your cake is ready to be served.


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Lemon is everyone’s favorite flavor, and it is healthy, too. You can also put more fruit for a better taste, but lemon should be the main ingredient.

Grand Marnier


Grand Marnier is a cognac, and adding little amounts to your cake mix will be a perfect solution for a great taste. If you are not a fan of cognac, you can add brandy instead, and you will get the same feel as cognac provides.


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Dark chocolate, hazelnut, almond, mocha buttercream, and raspberry… my mouth is already watery! For a more sophisticated cake look, you can spread almond all over the top, and voila! Your wedding cake is good to go.


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Ginger is one of the healthiest things out there. With small amounts of ginger as an addition to your cake, you won’t get that spicy feel, but more of a tastier pie. If you are a fan of spicy food, however, you should definitely add a little more of it.

Red velvet

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If you want something more sophisticated, then you should go for a red velvet cake. You can make it look like a part of your wedding day if you wear red lipstick, and the groom wears a red bowtie.

Coffee and cream

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Everyone’s favorite. According to, you can mix Espresso-Kahlua ganache or a hazelnut mousse, and you will get a fantastic wedding cake.


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Butter cake with a caramel and banana filling will just melt in your mouth. Add rum and cinnamon, and everyone will remember your wedding as extremely fun and cozy.

Caramelized vanilla

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Classic yet unique. If you want to give that traditional feel to your wedding, but remain different and stand out from the rest, that you should go for this kind of cake flavor.

Peanut butter

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Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Just put one layer of a peanut butter buttercream on top of your chocolate cake, and enjoy the taste it provides.


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If you want to say that you are a funny, cute and flirty little couple, go for this lime-flavored cake. Just layer your cake with key-lime and cinnamon, and everyone will remember your wedding.

Caramel apple

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Perfect for that season when leaves start to fall. Make your cake look the same by getting a caramel buttercream frost on your cake, and add some brown sugar mousse.

Vanilla and chocolate

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Some say how chocolate and vanilla mixed together are the best of both worlds. If you consider yourself such a couple, then definitely make a theme out of it by getting this beautiful mix in your cake flavor.


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Oreo became very popular nowadays. From the cookie itself to cake wedding flavors, you won’t be making a mistake if you go for an Oreo cake flavored cake.

Lemon and Thyme

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Who would’ve thought that lemon and thyme go great together? Just mix lemon, poppy seed, thyme, vanilla buttercream, candied citrus, and some sugar lemon-thyme springs, and your cake will be the thing everyone will talk about for decades!