8 Best Honeymoon Places in Spain You Should Visit 

Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon destination after your wedding day is over? You can’t just pick any place in Spain, and it has to be romantic! Another thing to consider – learning Spanish. You can take some classes at Preply to make sure you speak at least basic Spanish.

This article will provide you with some of the best places in Spain known for their romance. There’s no better way to spend your first few weeks as a married couple than exploring Spain together. What do you say? Let’s start planning today.

1. Tenerife

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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Combining beautiful beaches and otherworldly landscapes with many adrenaline-pumping activities makes it a perfect honeymoon destination for adventure seekers. Take paragliding over lunar landscapes like Teide National Park, home to Spain’s highest peak. You can climb up into this volcano (which has rock formations that are all sorts of shapes or sizes!) then explore them before they’re gone forever, or keep going down some paths less traveled by others because there might be something new around every corner.

Strolling along the beach after dark is not just an opportunity to release your stress but also one where you can treat yourself with some profound relaxation. The stars twinkle above, peacefully reminding us that there’s always something beyond our tiny world – be it adventure or tranquility!

2. Valencia

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Valencia is a hidden gem in the heart of Spain. Madrid and Barcelona’s two largest cities often steal all of the spotlights, and this small yet beautiful city offers you fantastic food experiences with lots to do for everyone. The paella was created here, so discover how it started at one place while enjoying gorgeous beaches right next door.

You can try your hand at surfing, visit a rainforest and get lost in the wildlife. Take some time out of each day for yourself – relax on Europe’s most famous beach or go bar hopping around historic Valencia.

3. Ibiza

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White Island is the place to be for an island escape with white sand beaches, dance parties, and romantic bubble baths. Whether you want excitement or relaxation on your honeymoon, many options will suit any traveler at this spectacular destination.

It might not have as many world-class clubs per capita as neighboring islands, but what it lacks more than makes up for quality-wise when considering other things like scenery. Nightlife options range from sophisticated lounge bars where guests sip champagne under strings’ of’ lights to full-light shows rooftops.

4. Granada

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It is hard to find a more picturesque and romantic destination than Granada, Spain. The city has been influenced by its Moorish past and the weather on these mountains that surround it with snow all year long. Stop for some mint tea at one café or another before continuing your walk towards Alhambra Palace as you meander through narrow streets lined with whitewashed buildings from centuries ago (including some of UNESCO World Heritage status.) It sits atop dramatic hilltops overlooking both townspeople below in their daily lives while also looking out over nature’s beauty beyond them, like those high-standing peaks we can see here today.

5. Seville

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One of Spain’s most beautiful cities, Seville is a passionate feast for the senses with its fascinating history and thriving flamenco culture. The city has an old town that harks back to when it was ruled by Moors and many other things such as parks decorated in Arab-inspired gardens or rooftop bars. There, one can sip champagne before heading off into this exciting world filled only by sounds and lights from live performances on the stage below you – all while surrounded by lush green trees providing much-needed shade.

Over the river, across from Triana, is where you will find some of Madrid’s more off-the-beaten-path tapas bars. This neighborhood has long served as a center for ceramics trade – perfect if you’re looking to pick up souvenirs while on your honeymoon.

6. San Sebastian

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San Sebastián is the jewel of a region in Spain. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and great food, but what makes this destination unique? The people! There are so many friendly faces that you’ll feel at home from your first moment here.

Head to one of the city’s two beaches: La Concha Beach, which has been recently crowned Europe’s best and long strip known as “La Zurriola.” When evening comes around, explore the old town where pintxo bars are located. Pintxos refer to Tapas from Basque country in Spain but can also mean a delicious appetizer dish found across many cultures.

San Sebastian is home to some incredible restaurants that serve up dishes with three Michelin stars. Three out of seven establishments hold this honor, making it even more impressive, considering how harsh ratings are these days. There will always be something for everyone here, whether your preference lies on earth-shattering flavors or simple elegance.

7. Galicia

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The Galician landscape is a rugged, green haven that looks more similar to Ireland than much of Spain. This region offers stunning countryside for you honeymooners out there with its rich mythology and buzzing cities! Make sure not to miss checking out Lugo in northwestern Spain, where visitors can find some off-the-beaten-path gems like Ourense just southwest over them towards Portugal if you are looking into hiking or history.

Walking the Camino de Santiago could be just what you’re looking for if you want to take your honeymoon in an adventurous way. The ancient pilgrimage route ends at the Galician capital city of Santiago and will mix both spiritual explorations and outdoor explorations into one unforgettable trip.


Are you just married? Consider visiting some of these top destinations in Spain if you’ve recently said “yes” to the dress and are now trying to plan your honeymoon. There is plenty for newlyweds to do and see on their first trip as a couple, whether Barcelona or Madrid – all of the cities are brilliant destinations for a married couple.