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Say Farewell to Classic Wedding Shoes

by Lana Vrz

Times change and weddings are not the same as they used to be fifty years ago. So as the bride, and her dress, and after all, her shoes!

Today, modern brides are more courageous, and most of them have alternative weddings with crazy outfits and themed parties. Therefore, the bridal look has changed a lot and it is almost incomparable with the look of the brides in the past.

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Shoes are the big part of the change, and brides choose colorful shoes with different shapes and some even wear high heels on their wedding day. Why not?

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However, it is the most important that your shoes stay comfortable during the whole ceremony. You wouldn’t want to sit your entire wedding party because of the uncomfortable shoes, right? Choose wisely. We believe that there can be both original and comfortable wedding shoes and you better go and get them. Also, you can choose together, with your partner, and both of you can find matching shoes and be original and matched up at the same time.

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