Bohemian Wedding Dress – How to Look Breathtaking

Bohemian wedding dresses are made out of some light material, and they are usually worn on a beach wedding. If you are not that traditional kind of a gal, and you want to create a special and unique wedding day, that you should wear a bohemian wedding dress. In addition to the wedding dress, you should also find the right accessories.

What should you look for in a bohemian wedding dress?

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Bohemian fashion was very trendy back in the 1960s and 1970s. Freedom is what best describes those times and this type of style, as everyone was longing for that freedom and laid-back vibes.

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A modern bohemian style consists of comfort, fair, and soft colors. Silk, silk crepe, crocheted cotton, and lace are among the popular materials in the bohemian fashion, and bright colors like white, beige nude or powder took its ground. They can be strapless, long-sleeved and the neckline can be any design you want. Silhouette is also after your desire because as we mentioned before, freedom is what best describes those times and that bohemian fashion.

Here is how you can best accessorize your bohemian wedding dress.


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Capes, small capelet, shoulder covers, and wraps are the best fitting for a bohemian styled wedding dress. Tulle or thin lace caplets are the best options, especially if they are see-through. Chiffon and lace toppers also work wonders. There is also an option of detachable sleeves.

You can also accessorize with the gloves. They can be any length you want them to be. You can also wrap yourself in a shawl, jacket or a pashmina.


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Bohemian wedding dresses are often linked to a beach wedding, and we all know how hot and sandy it is on the beach. If you chose to have a beach wedding, that means you are not a traditional girl, and therefore you won’t be wearing classic shoes.

You can wear some gladiator shoes, flats, ankle boots, knee-length or beaded sandals, and wedge shoes. There is always an option of double anklets which we believe are the best to have when it comes to a bohemian dress and a beach wedding.

You can wear traditional shoes if you want, of course. We are just here to give some ideas, but considering that it is your big day, you should do whatever you like. If you decide to wear some shoes that go for some colors that are matching your jewelry, like blue, turquoise and even orange. The best way is to go barefoot. That will best represent your free spirit and the whole wedding ceremony.


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Tassel earrings, chunky bracelets, pendants, and shoulder jewelry is just fabulous. Shoulder jewelry in particular. Unique, vibrant, and sparkly. They go best with some strapless or off-the-shoulder bohemian wedding dresses.


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Flowers come first in mind when you think of a beach wedding and a bohemian wedding dress. Headbands are also a tremendous thing to wear, and they can be covered in lace, crystals, pearls, and artificial flowers. Veils are also a good thing, but not everyone is a fan. Everything, of course, depends on your hairstyle, so be careful what you choose to have as a hairpiece, for it to not look too much.


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Flower bouquet should also represent your free personality. If you want to embellish your dress in your way, you should do so. Belts look great, and even ribbons are a great option, too.