15 Best Sheath Wedding Dresses Designs

Do you want something more than a classic, traditional wedding dress? Have you ever considered a sheath wedding dress? If you haven’t, take a closer look at our list of the best sheath designs and maybe you will fall in love, and get yourself a fantastic sheath wedding dress.

The sheath is very elegant. A sheath or a column is making your body silhouette look slimmer, and it features your body figure flawlessly. It is exquisite, sexy, and sleek, and it slowly became one of the most popular design when it comes to a wedding dress.

If you are a small girl, if you have an outstanding figure or amazing curves, that you should opt for a sheath wedding gown.

1. Satin sheath

Source: Kleinfeld

A satin sheath dress is one of the classical ones, and it is very popular when it comes to a traditional wedding. Simple yet elegant is the best way to describe this wedding dress style. If you want something more, you can always embellish the dress in a fashion like this.

2. Long sleeve

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Long sleeves always added elegance to your overall look. Lace with long sleeves wedding dress it the best elegant and sophisticated design when it comes to wedding dresses.

3. Illusion sheath

Source: DHgate

For a bold bride, get yourself an illusion sheath wedding dress. This one, for example, is a transparent dress with various embellishments, lace, and beadings. A nude sheath dress is a fantastic option if you want to create that illusion of a bare body, but not showing a thing.

4. Backless

Source: Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Backless wedding dresses are always trendy. When you want to show that sexy side of you, but still remain elegant, you should always go for a backless wedding gown. It is perfect for spring or summer weddings.

5. Lace sheath

Source: Etsy

If you want to look minimalistic yet expensive, a lace sheath wedding dress design is going to do the job.

6. High slit

Source: DHgate.com

A high slit is for more daring brides. Not many of the girls like to show off their bare legs, but why shouldn’t you? It is your wedding day after all, and you should show everyone that, despite that you are not a single lady anymore, you still look hot as hell.

7. Strapless

Source: mr-trailers.com

If you want to show off your amazing shoulders, neck and breast line, then you should go for a strapless wedding dress. It isn’t a perfect fit for anyone, so make sure you take someone with you who will tell you whether is it the best option to wear one, or not.

8. Vintage

Source: eBay

Retro is coming back in style, and many are fascinated with the 1920s and 1950s. If you are too, and you are having a theme wedding, then go for this kind of vintage design.

9. Short

Source: VictoriasQueen.com

It wasn’t always appropriate to wear a short wedding dress, but times have changed. Today many of the brides decide to wear short length wedding dresses, and if you want to be different too, that this kind of a sheath wedding dress is fantastic. You can go for a length above the knee, knee length, or a tea length dress.

10. Flutter sleeves

Source: VictoriasQueen.com

Flutter sleeves make a great elegant sheath wedding dress, and you can also look sophisticated and minimalistic. The most popular are the once with long fitted cap sleeves, and flutter sleeves. Romance is the best way to describe this sheath design.

11. Illusion bodice

Source: Pinterest

Illusion bodice is also trendy. The half-transparent bodice is one of the most popular designs nowadays, and it puts a great accent to your entire body.

12. Simple

Source: LUV Bridal

If you don’t want to have something luxurious and over the top, a simple sheath dress with spaghetti straps is probably the best option for you. It will still show off your fantastic silhouette while giving that minimalistic vibe. You can find them anywhere.

13. V-neck

Source: Madame Bridal

V-neck wedding dresses are extremely popular. It fits every body type, and a V-neck bodice with thick straps is the best design. You can go for satin, silk or a lace material and embellished it whatever you want.

14. Beaded

Source: Deco Weddings

Beaded screams luxury and style. When beaded, the wedding dress will look expensive, and so will you.

15. Cap sleeves

Source: Kleinfeld

Cap sleeves are also the right choice when it comes to a sheath wedding dress. They make you look adorable and flirty while remaining elegant, sophisticated, and humble.