11 Best Emergency Kits for Perfect Wedding Day in 2024

Since the wedding day is stressful itself, you should have an emergency kit just in case something unplanned happens. Here is a list of 11 essentials we highly recommend.

1. Sewing kit

Even though you will be careful, make sure to provide sewing needles, safety pins, a small pair of scissors, and a thread in colors that match your wedding dress, the dresses of the bridesmaids and the suit of the groom.

Source: Pinterest

2. Clear nail polish/super glue

This old trick can be quite helpful. Use clear polish to stop runs in nylons and tights. The superglue can be used for fixing broken shoes or jewelry.

3. Bottle of water and other snacks

This is essential in case you or somebody else starts feeling sick.

4. Bobby pins, hair ties, comb, hairspray

With many rituals (often outdoors), your hair might get messy, so make sure to have something to fix it with.

5. Lipstick and other makeup

It is important to have a makeup kit for touchups. Just put the basics in there-lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. Also, try to drink with a straw, so you don’t mess up your makeup.

Source: Into The Gloss

6. Tissues

A travel pack of tissues is always helpful to have, especially if someone starts feeling a bit emotional.

7. Ibuprofen

Headaches and other pains can ruin your day if you’re not prepared.

8. Perfume/ body spray/ deodorant

Since you want to smell just as good as you look, put your favorite perfume into your kit.

Creed aventus is very popular on the list of perfumes used on the wedding day. Check this this site for review.

9. Floss/ mints

Keep your teeth fresh and clean all day. These two items are helpful when you’re unable to wash your teeth.

10. Cellphone

These days we cannot imagine a day without our phones. Make sure it is fully charged so you can snap a picture or two.

Source: NBC News

11. Tampons

Just because you never know, be prepared!

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