The Ultimate Guide to Create the Most Luxurious Wedding

Transforming the grand ideas of a well-known website, a sophisticatedly organized Pinterest page, a social media wedding decoration page-inspired design and thousands of daydreams into a definitive wedding plan is undoubtedly challenging. It can seem like a fully formed optimistic scenario of flowers, silk, lace, cake and champagne turning into a sleepless night when you try to put it on pen and paper.

While it is proven that a wedding is nearly impossible to be perfect, there is some hope. With an organized outlook and practical approach, your marriage reception can look like everything you wanted it to be. But as we said earlier, it is the occasion where a simple thought becomes a chainless end.  Definitely one of choices should be

The below are the best possible tips:

The ultimate luxury lies with the wedding theme

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Luxury wedding’s themes focus on every expensive detail that reflects the bride and groom’s dream by creating something extraordinary. A traditional plan with a touch of ancient culture, a soft, airy environment that reflects a real romance, a vintage filmy wedding or just a plain destination wedding, a theme can be the perspective of the person you are.

Ultimately, when couples go for a luxury wedding, they want to reflect a thought or picture of their way of life through the theme. So, it is necessary to match the tunes with the most lovely things the couples enjoyed throughout their relationship.

Be honest with your budget

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Once done selecting a theme, it is time to pay attention to the budget, as luxury weddings come with a high price tag. Although the budget is not an issue for those who constantly daydream about having a luxury wedding, the scenario seems different when you execute your plan on paper. So, plan your budget as early as possible and divide the probable expense into different sections. It will help you manage the budget so well that you may even save some money from the initial projection. To establish your budget, you can talk to your wedding suppliers, who can give you an accurate idea about the price of every piece of material.

Select the venue and decorate it elegantly

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Once you are done with the budget, select the venue for both the ceremony and reception. Luxury weddings usually happen indoors to make everything neat and clean. In the end, though, the location should be chosen as per the theme, be it a traditional church or an ancient palace or a luxurious villa surrounded by a beautiful lake, art gallery or ballroom.

Besides, the beauty of the wedding certainly depends on the decoration. No matter what type of venue you choose, the decoration can give it a completely new look. Since it is a luxury wedding where the budget is not the concern, you can decorate with expensive candles, centrepieces, crystal glasses, velvet table sheets and an extravagant floral arrangement.

List down the guest and send the invitation card

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Seat calmly with your family and decide the guest list. Since this is a precious day for you two, it is apparent that you will want all of your close ones to be present on this day. But, unsurprisingly, you may still have to leave out people you would have liked to attend, while some others may be unable to be present. So, make sure you know who is attending and who isn’t after dispatching the invites.

Designing the perfect invitation card is also a headache as it is challenging to match your choice with both sides of the family. So, try to discuss it with all the family members, considering the latest trends and styles. Then, Pair the cards with some desserts, flowers or a small gift to make it more lucrative, showing a warm gesture toward the people you care about.

Wedding dress, dress code and bridesmaid

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The wedding dress of the bride and groom is another step complicated by personal preference and traditional doctrines. European grooms usually opt for a black suit with a white shirt, while the bride wears gowns. The bride’s dress offers numerous possibilities and can be customized with a designer to make it unique. Also, think about the design of the wedding ring, as it holds a special place in wedding customs. A diamond ring coated with rose gold or platinum can be an excellent choice to ensure elegance and luxury.

A luxury wedding typically has a dress code for all the guests. The dress code usually matches the dress of the brides and groom and also compliment the theme. Usually, the dress code comes in a traditional and straightforward form as long as the wedding theme is not too dramatic.

As bridesmaids play a significant role in a wedding event, and a bride seems incomplete without them, the bridesmaid’s dress should get some extra attention. For the bridesmaid’s clothing, you can match it with the bride’s dress or go for a completely different colour, such as a royal deep blue.

Catering, cake and photography

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The food you serve to the guests is another essential element that can make or break the wedding event. Hence, choose the food very carefully, considering each item’s taste and quality. It would help if you also thought about the seating plan in detail to ensure comfort and order. As the cake is another integral part of wedding tradition, you can perhaps order a small cake to keep it sophisticated but with a more glamorous decoration suited to the occasion. Choose a cake that itself can add an aesthetic aura to the event.

While you are at it, make sure you have planned for a top-level wedding photographer to capture your most fantastic day. You are sure to want to look at them in the future and relive the memories.

All of it together sounds quite daunting. Fortunately, you can always rely on a good wedding planner to save you the day.