A Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

In the jewelry industry, colored diamonds are widely known as fancy diamonds. People can choose from an array of tones, colors, and saturations. Unlike white diamonds as well as their GIA certificates, it’s recommended to view the video of the colored diamond before purchasing it to know how the diamond looks while it’s moving. This … Read more

How Did Diamond Engagement Rings Become A Thing

Rings play a significant role in wedding ceremonies, particularly engagements. Engagement rings are considered symbols of love and are worn on the ring fingers by engaged couples. The history of engagement rings stretches back to the time of the Ancient Romans. Women of the Ancient Roman period wore rings made from flint, ivory, copper, iron, … Read more

5 Things to Know About Sustainable & Ethical Engagement Rings

Regardless of the place and manner of the engagement, which is unique and different for each couple, the most important thing in this romantic story is certainly the engagement fingers. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that every lady wishes to get and receive from her beloved one day. She wants her chosen … Read more

Most Iconic Engagement Rings of All Time

“Will you marry me?” Perhaps one of the most sought-after questions in every relationship. Engagement rings are a vital part of any marriage proposal, arguably the most crucial aspect on that road to commitment. When it comes to celebrity engagement round bands, they indeed spare no cost. Here, we’ve picked out the most iconic engagement … Read more

How much does a wedding cost

When it comes to having a great wedding, it is very easy to start overspending. The average wedding costs about 30,000 dollars (without a honeymoon and engagement ring). We have made a list of the top reasons why weddings can be so costly. Reception Venue The wedding reception venue is one of the biggest expenses … Read more