The Best Flowers for Your Wedding

We all know that organizing a wedding can be a long and overwhelming process. There are so many things that you need to think about from the venue and menus to the table decoration and your wedding dress, however, there is one thing that might be particularly difficult to choose – your flower arrangements. In this article, you will be able to read about the most popular flowers that are all timeless, common, and beautiful wedding flowers. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Roses

Source: BloomNation

This flower has been considered a symbol of love and affection for a long time. People have long used it as a metaphor for passion, true love, and emotion. You can easily say that roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers and when it comes to the colors – they are never boring. They come in a wide range of color choices and there are even striped and tipped roses too. There are three rose types that are usually used for weddings – the hybrid tea roses which are the traditional roses, ones that are generally seen in flower shops, garden roses the old-fashioned, expensive roses, with lovely fragrances, and spray roses which have five to ten heads on each stem.

2. Tulips

Source: Silk Wedding Designs

Tulips are usually connected with Holland, however, it originated in Persia. Tulips represent happy years and love, hence, they do make a meaningful wedding flower. This particular flower comes in various colors including pastels (such as peach, yellow, and pink), cream, white, and vibrant hies like orange, purple, red, and magenta. You can choose this flower all year long and the most common types are quite affordable, while some rare types might be expensive. They can bring an elegant feel to a casual venue and they work extremely well with table arrangements too. Go here and read more about what flower arrangements you can get for your wedding.

3. Calla Lilies

Source: Etsy

The calla lilies or as they are also known the arum lily is an elegant blossom that symbolizes “extraordinary beauty”. There are usually two types available including the large-headed type that has a long stem suitable for taller arrangements or styles bouquets, and a smaller version which is perfect for smaller arrangements and boutonnieres. Ivory is the most popular color option, however, it does come in other colors like pink, dark purple, orange, and yellow.

4. Peonies

Source: Southern Living

Loved for its exquisite beauty and fragrance, the peony has bright colors and large blossoms. The peony is available in two versions the tree peony and the herbaceous. A bouquet made from peonies can be used as an amazing centerpiece and arrangements. They are usually grown in two main types that double-flower and single-flower style. Peonies are also only available from spring to early summer, however, you might find online stores that would import them during fall as well.

5. Gardenias

Source: Pinterest

Gardenias are usually surrounded by dark green leaves and it has an extremely strong fragrance. It was the fragrance that made an English sea captain traveling through Africa bring back this native African plant as a souvenir. They are perfect for bouquets, as well as floating in a bowl as a centerpiece.


The flowers from this article are the most beautiful and common ones for weddings. Hence, if you still have to order flower arrangements for your wedding, do not waste any more time and start designing your bouquet and centerpieces right away.