Best Hotels for Weddings

If you are going to be hosting a lot of out-of-towners at your wedding, you will need to think about the accommodations for those who are traveling into town. It is your responsibility to search wedding gues accommodations to recommend to your friends or family, or if it’s possible, you can book a room block to make the process much easier for your group of guests.

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When considering how your guests want to choose a hotel, location is probably the most important factor, so your friends or family do not have to travel far to get to your wedding. You can narrow your search by choosing hotels that are more conveniently located near your wedding venue. The closer, the better. Finding wedding accommodations for your guests within walking distance might be the best option, but those that are accessible via short public transportation or a short car or taxi rides are fine as well. If there aren’t any close enough hotels to your wedding venue, you should consider securing private transportation for your guests to and from your wedding so that your friends or family will not have to worry about driving or calling taxis.

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While some of your guests may be willing to spend a lot on a hotel room, most of your friends or family members will likely prefer a more budget-friendly wedding accommodation. We recommend booking room blocks are several different hotels, at different price points. Fortunately, there are services available that will do all the legwork for you and will find you the best possible group rates for hotels that are near your wedding venue.

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Make sure that you consider the number of guests you will need to accommodate. If you are hosting many out-of-towers, focus your search on bigger hotels that have a lot of rooms. If there are only a few people out of town to accommodate, you may also consider smaller ins or beds and breakfasts.

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When looking for wedding accommodations for your guests, make sure you get a sense of what the rooms look like- whether from virtual tours, reviews, online photos or maybe even by touring the hotel by yourself. As your tour and research hotels, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable staying at that particular hotel. If the answer to that question is no, your guests will not be happy there either.


You got to make sure that the hotels you are considering have the availability to accommodate all your guests on your wedding days. Make sure you check and see if there are any major local events such as conferences, festivals, concerts, conventions or sporting events that may fill up hotel rooms quicker than usual.

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You should also consider some hotel amenities like internet access, parking, and cable TV. While these should probably be a must-have, other amenities like beach access, fitness centers, room service or swimming pool might be great, they are not essential.