Wedding Guide: How to Choose Flowers for Your Big Day?

There is something always special and extremely pleasing about flowers. Wedding flowers can add sentimental value to your wedding and symbolise commitment and a bond between you and your partner that can last forever. Moreover, across all cultures flowers have always been a significant part of wedding celebrations. has evolved as one of the experienced florists over a period of a decade now. Not only flowers but also there are many different wedding trends, which have tended to remain the most popular and prominent decor and accessories in weddings to date.

Our best advice will be for you to choose the wedding flowers that will coincide with your wedding budget. Try to list the most important things that will have the best impact on your wedding day and list out the aspects which are less important for you.

For example – if you are planning all your life to have photos under a beautiful and stunning arch of flowers outside the church then have it. Please take off the pew end posies because normally the church is full of people. Normally arch displays look good when there are foam garlands, and could be decorated with many other focal areas for the rest of the day. In this way the big investment can be clustered in many ways for effective use.

Flowers come in several varieties of shapes, colours, and sizes and at times you might think it can be an overwhelming task to choose the right ones for your wedding. However, with adequate knowledge and understanding of flowers, the whole process of choosing flowers can be a fun and special part of your wedding preparations. If you desire the incorporation of flowers throughout every space of your wedding venue or wish to keep it simple, in this guide we have covered everything that you need to know about wedding flowers and ideas for decorations on your big day.

What flowers are best for marriage?


If you have your wedding in spring, summer, or fall, Ranunculus can be an ideal and budget-friendly option out there for every season. Furthermore, Peonies, Orchids, and Roses are also some of the most popular wedding options for couples. These flowers symbolize love and purity and can add a romantic touch to wedding celebrations. Be it bridal flower bouquets or floral decorations Hydrangea is often considered the first choice. Hydrangeas are known for their beautiful voluminous blooms and usually come under luxurious flower categories.

If you wish to have an out of the box or dramatic blossom for your wedding then Calla Lily is all you need. Calla Lilies has a trumpet-like shape along with long stems making them a perfect option for flower bouquets. Another most popular or recognisable flower in the market is Daisies and Carnation. Both daisy and carnation are available in a variety of colours and shapes to choose from. However, you can also add your favourite flowers to your wedding decoration or bridal bouquet to make your memorable day more special and leave an everlasting effect on others.

What is a reasonable amount to spend on wedding flowers?

Most couples spend around 10-15% of their budget on beautiful blooms. However, how much to spend primarily depends on your needs and preferences. Huge wedding venues might require greater quantities of flowers compared to small indoor or outdoor garden weddings. If you desire to keep flowers as your main source of decor, then you might spend a little more than expected. On the other hand, if you have budget constraints and don’t wish to compromise on wedding arrangements then you must opt for seasonal flowers. Seasonal flowers are usually less expensive and easily available anywhere and anytime during their specific seasons. By simply opting for seasonal flowers you can manage and save huge amounts of money for your wedding functions and celebrations.

You also try reusing healthy flowers from your other pre-wedding functions to cut down on cost and waste. Most seasonal flowers can withstand the climate conditions and remain fresh and healthy for many days if taken good care of. You can reuse flowers from your welcome arrangements on the bar or on the head table to aesthetic effects to the celebrations.

What flowers should not be in a wedding bouquet?


Here we have listed some flowers that you should avoid for wedding flower decoration ideas and other purposes.


Astilbes often tend to wilt unexpectedly and cannot withstand water and moisture. These flowers cannot hold up throughout the day and may become an expensive choice in your wedding.


These flowers execute huge amounts of pollen and are the worst flowers for allergies. If you or other people have skin or other sensitivities then chrysanthemums can create some serious problems.


Daffodils release harmful saps that can kill other blooms when mixed together such as tulips. You must ensure to add daffodils in your flower bouquets with other flowers.


Hellebores are generally available during the spring months and can easily wilt when separated from the roots. They also might not be an ideal choice for your flower bouquets and other arrangements.

What wedding flowers are most expensive?


Cattleya orchid is considered the queen of orchids and is one of the most expensive flowers in the market. Gardenia and Cymbidium Orchid can cost more than the Cattleya Orchid and both these flowers can last longer compared to Cattleya Orchids. Due to their sustainability and charm, both Gardenia and Cymbidium Orchids are an ideal choice for your wedding celebrations.

You should always bring a florist early in the planning as they can suggest the design ideas and finishing touches to give a beautiful look to the venue. Once you finalise your florist, then give them full freedom to use their creativity. At the start it may look absurd to you but wait until the full design is finished. You can rather change some portion as per your preference but after the florist design the venue.

We hope with the help of this blog you will be able to make mindful decisions for your big day. You can contact us today or visit our website anytime to place orders for beautiful and quality flowers for your wedding functions and celebrations.