3 Most Popular Wedding Flowers Besides Roses

If you’re planning your wedding, you may already know that roses are the most traditional flower choice for a bride’s bouquet, but you don’t want to be predictable. Let’s explore some other popular blooms for your special day – from classic favorites to modern alternatives – that offer something distinct and delightfully unexpected.

Popular Alternatives to Roses for Weddings

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For those looking for a unique way to incorporate beautiful blooms into their wedding, there are plenty of popular alternatives to roses when it comes to wedding flowers. From peonies and ranunculuses to lilies of the valley and carnations, there are so many lovely flower varieties available for couples celebrating their big day. Here are three of the most popular wedding flowers besides roses:

Orchids: With their large, ruffled petals and delicate scent, orchids make an excellent alternative to roses for any wedding. They come in an array of colors ranging from deep reds and pinks to soft whites and delicate creams. They also provide a beautiful backdrop in bridal bouquets and are the perfect addition to any bridal look.

Lilies: Often seen as a symbol of purity, innocence, love and passion, lilies have long been used in weddings since ancient times. Lilies come in various sizes and colors making them very versatile in bouquet arrangements. Whether you prefer a single stem or multiple stems incorporated into centerpieces or other decorations, lilies will always add a touch of beauty wherever they go.

Carnations: They are one of the most popular wedding flowers due to their small size and lovely appearance when arranged with other blooms in bridal bouquets or centerpieces alike. This delicate flower comes in shades from subtle white all the way up through pale pink giving it ample appeal that can be used with traditional white themes as well as more modern bright color palettes.


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Beautiful, fragrant and long-lasting, lilies come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There are several species that may be used for a bridal bouquet or centerpiece decorations (including the calla lily and stargazer lily). With its classic beauty, lilies add an element of sophistication to any wedding.

Whether you’re looking for roses, orchids, carnations, lilies or any other type of flower, there is an abundance of options for flower delivery.


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Orchids are versatile and delicate plants that are perfect for adding a touch of elegance. They come in an array of colors and create a stunning focal point for wedding arrangements. As one of the most popular wedding flowers, orchids are well suited for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages. Orchids have long been associated with love, beauty, luxury and strength making them an ideal flower choice for ceremonies, receptions and photos.

The phalaenopsis or moth orchid is one of the most popular varieties because they look like they are in constant bloom; however it is important to note that many other varieties also make excellent bridal blooms such as cymbidiums, dendrobiums and slipper orchids. For bold color accents you may consider choosing cranesbill or fragrant madagascar jasmine to add texture to your arrangements.

Due to the delicacy of these flowers you should always consult with a florist about their care and handling prior to your wedding day so that your blooms remain fresh until then. It is also recommended that you keep them from direct sunlight , make sure there is sufficient water present in the vase throughout their stay – cut the stems at least once every day-and store them away from fruit so they do not become overly ripe due to ethylene gas. With proper care you can ensure that these unique blooms become part of your romantic wedding decor forever!


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Carnations are one of the most popular and affordable flowers for weddings. Because of their small size and short stems, they’re often used in large, fluffy bouquets or as filler in corsages, floral hairpieces and boutonnieres. A typical carnation will last up to two weeks when it’s been grown properly and handled with care.

Carnations come in a wide variety of colors, from deep pink to light pink, white to red, yellow to orange and bi-color shades too—allowing you the freedom to create your own color palette easily with just one flower.

This resilient bloom is grown all over the world but is associated most strongly with Scotland where they are traditionally gifted on birthdays and Mother’s Day and because of this association they have recently become popular as part of bridal bouquets since 2018/19.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Wedding

As you plan your wedding, there are numerous details to work out. One of the most important planning aspects is the selection of flowers, as it greatly affects the beauty and texture of the event. While roses are often associated with weddings, they may not be the right style or color for every ceremony. Other popular flower varieties used in weddings include lilies, chrysanthemums, peonies and daisies.

Lilies are a popular choice for wedding bouquets and centerpieces due to their large size and strong scent. Lilies come in many colors, including white, purple, yellow and pink – perfect for blending with a color scheme or adding bold shades of contrast to the décor. Additionally, some lily types have numerous petals per stem (known as multi-petal lilies) that provide a fullness that looks luxurious without overpowering other flower types in an arrangement.

For those looking to add bright touches of color without overuse of white petals (unlike roses), chrysanthemums are excellent alternatives since they come in many shades such as pink, yellow, red and orange. While usually used sparsely among a selection of flowers to break up larger shapes they can also be used as main features when given prominence in an intricate floral design – their striking petals create eye-catching effects when brilliantly displayed at weddings.

Peonies make magnificent centerpieces with their voluminous texture created by large petal layers that exude femininity and elegance throughout event spaces; making them great alternatives for more formal events held during spring or summer seasons when blooms are plentiful and fragrant aromas fill the air around guests making beautiful memories between happy couples on their special day even more remarkable!

Lastly daisies add brightness with their unique personality; most notably with gerbera daisies which feature colorful trumpet-shaped blooms atop long thin stems bringing lower budget floral arrangements together into economical yet charmingly cheerful scenes celebrating marriage bliss among all its attendees while also preserving precious resources; making this an excellent option eco-wise couples who embrace nature!


The three most popular alternatives to roses for wedding flowers are orchids, lilies, and carnations. All of these flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that can match any wedding theme or palette. Orchids are big and elegant with a sweet scent, while lilies feature large trumpet-shaped blooms in delicate pastels. Carnations come in many types with single or double rows of petals in bold colors.

No matter what type you choose they will help to create an enchanting atmosphere for your special day. Furthermore, all three of these popular blooms are available year round from florists making them a great option for any wedding celebration.