How To Carry Bridal Bouquets And Wrist Corsage Correctly

A flower takes part in everyone’s life from birth to death. Not any happiness and sorrow can be completed without the natural beauty of flowers. A group of flowers with an accurate sequence and perfect selection is called a bouquet. A bouquet is a language of every emotion of celebration. On the special day of the wedding flowers and bouquets have an important role to enhance happiness. The bridal bouquet is held by the bride as she enters the aisle. It is a complementary addition to the overall theme of the marriage. A bridal bouquet also increases the bride’s dress beautifully.

Do you know about carrying bridal bouquets?


Not anyone thinks about carrying the right way of holding bridal bouquets on the wedding day. But after looking at the pictures they know their mistake of holding them in the wrong way. Try to give yourself a moment to practice holding your bridal bouquets. You may think you know how to carry bridal bouquets but it matters a lot and shows the difference in pictures when you hold it in front of you, on the side, and hanging down. Now we discuss some tips to carry bridal bouquets correctly:

At the time of entry

Entrance into the aisle is a delicate moment when everyone’s eyes are fixed on the bride. Don’t be nervous and hold the bridal bouquet with one hand at the level of the hips. Flowers will cover your hands and the bouquet slightly to the front.

Walking toward the groom


Same as the position of the entrance on the way of walking, keep your arm relaxed and comfortable. Don’t try to elbow sticking out on the side. If you hold it high to your chest then it will cover your dress.

At the time of singing

When you are singing, put the flowers on the table to relax your hands. On the table give bridal bouquets the position that the flowers look in front of guests or the photographer and the stems toward you. This look in the picture seems nicer.

Leaving the church

After the wedding when you are leaving the church and you are clinging to your husband’s arms. Then use the same hand for holding the bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet between the couple looks beautiful. Another free hand is used to hold your dress.

During photoshoot


At the time of the photoshoot don’t feel disturbed by the bridal bouquet holding. The photographer can be worried about getting the best pictures. He will guide you for each moment. So relax and give memorable pictures without any worry. Because these moments capture life and remain a beautiful memory.

From avoiding stressing on the wedding day a bit of practice will help you hold bridal bouquets correctly. These above tips make your wedding day perfect as you dream.

Wrist corsage

A single flower and sometimes small flower arrangement which is tied by an elastic band is worn on the wrist and is called a wrist corsage. It is a part of women’s outfits and can be pinned to their dresses or gowns. A wrist corsage is a nice touch for any occasion. Women wear wrist corsages to celebrate special events like baby showers, birthdays, weddings, dinners, gatherings, and other many occasions in life. Ferns, ribbons, and flowers of all shades and shapes are used to make wrist corsage. Wearing a wrist corsage means a lot like paying tribute, group identification, and pleasing addition to a women’s outfit.

Why is it called a corsage?


The word corsage is the origin of France. In the 15-century old French word cors means body and after it came to mean woman’s bodice.  Ancient Greeks wear flowers at the wedding because their fragrance keeps away bad luck. Corsage started going up the dress from bodice to shoulder. These corsages are larger than now. The wrist corsage started in the 20th century when a woman wore it on a prom dance.

How to choose a wrist corsage?

The wrist corsage should have to match the color of your event dress; it has not to be a clash. Before the event, you have to find out your dress in advance. That way you can be able to prepare your wrist corsage that can match the bloom color and ribbon to your dress. Earlier corsages are pinned with sleeves or straps but a wrist corsage is always a better option.

Traditionally the groom and his family buy bridal bouquets and wrist corsage for the bride and both things don’t need to be of the same color. These can be contrasted and linked to base color shades. If you do not know about her dress color then white is a good natural color choice.

The correct way of carrying wrist corsage

Modern brides have fabulous ideas to choose wrist corsages for their special events and moments. The flowers of the wrist corsage are chosen suitable for dress outfits. Many brides choose wrist corsages of their choice but have no idea how to wear and carry them. So, here are tips for you to carry wrist corsage correctly.

  • Ladies wear the wrist corsage on their left side as she holds bridal bouquets straight.
  • Some left-handed prefer to wear a wrist corsage on the right wrist.
  • Set it at an upward angle like a stem in a vertical position and the bloom of the flower should face toward it.
  • In the sitting position, the group of flowers of the wrist corsage is seen by the front side person and the stems are not seen properly.
  • Bright and bold mixed colors look more attractive in wrist corsage. Orchids, ranunculus, pink roses, classic white, and romantic red are mostly suitable for a wrist corsage.

You can design your bridal bouquets and wrist corsage easily by ordering flowers the same as you dream about. There are also many unique ideas and the fresh flower items that will make your bouquets and corsage more beautiful.