The Out of the Box Ways to Use Flowers at Your Wedding

Romantic peonies and classic roses are used in almost every wedding. Wedding flowers can be as hip, or whimsical as the bride whose wedding they’re decorating. Let’s have a look at some breathtaking ways of using flowers in your wedding.

Not just venue, gown, music are high-priced enough, wedding ceremony plants are pricey as well. Let us take a look at how to be creative and keep the budget low. Bouquets and boutonnières add up to the wedding expenses so how about using adorable succulent plants.

You might pay a fortune draping your aisle in floral garlands, covering it in rose petals, further decorate it with a crown using different flowers . . . or you could choose for creative and impactful succulent. For just a fraction of the amount, you can create a stunning breathtaking display.


Green and simple Succulents can make a statement arch for your wedding. The recent hit and huge trend of 2024 is to have a complete greenery using succulent arch to get married under. Succulents are super versatile as they are neutral in tone and adds vibrant palettes to any wedding – indoors or outdoors.

The Dried Fern Leaves goes along very well with a Bohemian-themed wedding. The Dried Fern Leaves painted with green or pink painted leave adds a dash of color to the wedding

The traditional white Brooch Wedding Bouquet is creative and elegant in all ways. When such white or ivory Brooch is paired with a simple satin dress, the two compliment each other well.

Another thing gaining huge popularity is an eye-catching Flower Wrist Corsage. Flower Wrist Corsage adds a very delicate look to your wrist plus you won’t have to worry about your bridesmaids carrying bouquets. You can complete the look by pairing it with the floral hair accessories of the same color.


Pearl Bridal Bouquet has its own charm. The Pearl Bouquet is best matched with a pearl necklace. The creative dress will match it perfectly.

Today’s brides are very creative with their wedding decor and dress.

Have you heard Balloons are the new form of bouquets! When the bridesmaid holds a balloon that is in sync with the wedding decor, and everyone can’t help but appreciate your creativity.

Dried Artichoke also has gained its place in Flower Bouquet along with Bunny Dried Flower. The arrangement uses bursting artichokes and an array of dried flowers that make it unlike any other option. The decor is a visual treat plus it is effortlessly chic and tasteful.

Pairing science with creativity adds a surprise element, such as an air plant, with more claasic favorites can give a bouquet an out of the box effect. Protea, succulents, and artichokes are all possibilities for bringing unusual color, texture, and forms into wedding arrangement

Flowers are not just for bouquets and table arrangements, we can use it in many beautiful ways. Like, We can put floating petals in an open vessel and place them at the entrance or every corner of the venue. Not just it smells good but also is a visual treat. Brides can use flowers on their gowns. An amazing backdrop can be made of flowers, a wall of flowers and it can be placed at the end of your aisle, to act as a background to your vow exchange. Flower petals can be sprinkled over cakes or the drinks can be adorned with petals. The bride’s plate can be decorated with petals of roses. Lush garlands can also be wrapped around railings or employed to line your aisle. An string flowers can be made and kept hanging from the ceilings for an outdoor venue. Petals or flowers can be attached to the veil of the bride giving it a super delicate effect as bride herself.


Another way of expanding the usage of flowers for indoors or wedding wedding, is to set the flowers by looking up. suspend pomanders from the trees in the outdoors venue add a touch of romance. While for the indoors venue, hanging light fixtures with flowers adds a classy touch to the venue. If it is a high-ceilinged venue, this can look particularly dramatic by suspending a hanging arrangement over your ceremony space where the vows are exchanged.

Flowers are not just for a venue but also as an accessory. Flower crowns are a hot favorite with brides. These are best suited for a romantic themed wedding. A crown that places the dramatic embellishment at the back rather than the front can be paired beautifully with a modern gown as well, however, by leaving the front sleek and minimalistic.

The Pampas Grass and Sun Palm Dried Flower Bouquet will make you stand out for the creative usage of Sun Palm Dried Flower. After the wedding, you can use it at home in a vase.

The White is always elegant. Using white Rose and Eucalyptus Greenery Flower Bouquet makes you stand out for ultimate ouf of the box style, while the white flowers give it an air of elegance. It also will last forever!


For winter weddings, classy simple and cute Dried Fern Bouquet is the best choice. This adds a sophisticated touch to a white dress of the bride.

oversize floral centerpieces can be created using Succulents. You can also use flowers occupying a complete length of the table like fabric. This can be a mix of flowers of the same shade and can be used as They blanket the center and run the length of the table just as though it were fabric. Such non conventional flower arrangements are gaining huge popularity. They are modern and cost effective with a huge impact for your wedding. Todays bride prefer centerpieces adorned with air plants and succulents are an organic look.