Are Succulents Good for Wedding Bouquets – 2024 Guide

Wedding season begins in mid-to-late June, just as the weather does. The majority of the time, dealing with hot temperatures is simple, but when it comes to flowers, there aren’t many options other than moving the celebration inside and cranking up the air conditioning.

Succulent wedding bouquets have been increasingly fashionable in recent years, and they’re a welcome change from standard florals, not to mention easy to keep long after your big day. It’s nearly always a smart idea to include succulents in your bridal bouquet, regardless of your wedding theme. These plants come in various colors, including subtle pastels and vibrant hues.

Alternatively, you could go all-green for a lush, natural look that’s a long cry from typical bridal flowers. Learn everything you need to know about using succulents in a bridal bouquet in the sections below:

What is a Succulent Plant?

Succulents are a type of plant that holds water in its thick leaves. These plants do well in dry environments and can go without water for long periods. The majority prefer warmer climates and are rather easy to reproduce. A leaf from another plant can be used to start a new plant.

Why would you pick a succulent bouquet over a floral bouquet?


Perhaps it wasn’t easy to come by succulents in the beginning. However, this is no longer the case; these plants are now readily available. And there’s no denying that they’ve infiltrated our lives, including weddings. Some people are unsurprised to see some brides opting out of the traditional flower arrangement. Instead, they place a premium on walking down the aisle with a luscious bouquet in their hands.

True, it takes a lot of ingenuity to make a group of beautiful succulents. That goes into creating these incredible designs, and it genuinely shows the effort. In addition, some brides prefer to combine succulents with regular flowers in their bouquets. As a result, they receive an intriguing look.

Many succulent service providers provide bouquets and boutonnieres for weddings worldwide. Unlike a regular flower arrangement, a succulent bouquet can be supplied with a heat pack. If you want it delivered during the winter season. You can buy succulents online at

Couples may be interested in succulent bouquets for various reasons, one of which is that they want them to match their dining setting. Succulents aren’t just for bouquets anymore for some couples. These arrangements have individual plants that last a long time. However, if a succulent plant’s leaf falls off, it’s easy to propagate a new plant. Also, succulents may be purchased all year, making them a wonderfully adaptable option for your bridal bouquet.

Succulent-based bouquets are a natural option for brides who want to add a unique twist to tradition to enhance their uniqueness. If you’re considering switching your stems on your wedding day, this is the place to be. With a succulent bouquet, now is the moment to do so.

Types of Succulents For Bouquets

1. Echeverias

Echeverias have plump skin that stores water and resembles a blooming flower. Echeverias lack the flat petals of flowers, giving them a bulkier, chunkier appearance. Light sky blue, dark green, violet, ivory, and light green, and those with red tips and pink tones, are some of the forms and colors available.

2. Aeonium


Aeoniums are a great accent to any autumn bouquet, in our opinion. It has a deep, rich color that adds extra drama to any fall bouquet. Don’t worry if the lovely Bordeaux hue doesn’t go with your plan. Aeoniums come in a variety of hues that may appeal to you. One of our favorites is a beautiful yellow Aeonium with green stripes and pink tips.

3. Burro’s Tail

Burro’s Tail is a stunning succulent! Because it’s a trailing plant, its long stems will cascade over the side of whichever pot or planter you use. There are several pale green, teardrop-shaped leaves on each stalk. It’s one of the most aesthetically appealing and gorgeous succulents available, so it’ll look fantastic dangling from your bouquet.

4. String of Pearls

A string of Pearls is a trailing succulent that resembles Burro’s Tail in appearance. It contains pearl-shaped leaves instead of teardrops, giving it the appearance of a long, gorgeous strand of pearls. This plant is delicate and lovely, just like a real pearl necklace you may wear on your wedding day!

How To Care For The Succulents After The Wedding?


When pruning succulents for a wedding bouquet, make sure the stems are neatly clipped. Crushed stems cause root rot and are unable to absorb water adequately. Succulents don’t require much water, but succulent, well-cut ends help them last longer. Don’t mistake putting a succulent bouquet in the refrigerator and expecting the flowers to last.

A succulent bouquet differs from others in that it includes cut flowers such as roses, lilies, and other blooms that need to be renewed. Plants, especially their ends, may suffocate if the bouquet is kept in the refrigerator, ruining your priceless work of art. To keep succulents alive for longer, place them in a vase with water. Immerse the stems or ends in the water, but do not immerse the leaves.

Succulents can endure for as long as you want them to, depending on how hard you work and how little care you give them. All you have to do now is take it one step at a time and do as instructed. The succulent bouquets will add to the uniqueness of your events, but they will also save you money. As a result, employing many bouquets helps keep event costs down, but it also adds a dramatic impression that no one could have predicted. Above all, you can utilize and nurture them to create a beautiful succulent container garden at home.


Wedding bouquets made of succulents have become extremely trendy. They are becoming popular among brides because they are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. They are no longer enthralled by traditional flowers, which have grown obsolete.