Craziest Wedding Rings

Sooner or later, most of us are looking to get married and have kids. There is one question – have you found the person you are meant to spend the life with? And secondly, it is a crucial decision to go through and step in the marriage world hoping for the best. Nowadays, it is expected that you purchase an engagement ring and then, there are also wedding rings. Some people like to stay out of the traditional, so they go for rings which are quite unique.

Of course, this is not something new but the ring has been a symbol of love, tradition, and devotion, a tradition lasting hundreds and hundreds of years. Modern times have brought us many different ways to express our individuality, bound, and commitment when it comes to the shape of wedding rings. We have chosen a few examples from uniquely made wedding rings if you are going for something specific and original yourself.

Coin Wedding Rings

Source: In God We Must

Wedding rings made out of personal memories, items that once meant everything and still have an un-measurable emotional value are priceless. Wedding rings made out of coins are our suggestion. One couple opted to create unique wedding memories out of silver coins, the coins where a part of the groom’s inheritance dating back to his grandparents in 1946. Money doesn’t have the same value to everyone, and this couple proves that point.

Skull Wedding Ring

Source: Dcastjoyas Designs

Authentically associated with gothic themes, skull wedding rings are one excellent choice to make. You would be surprised when you see a diamond on a gothic bone skull wedding ring, simultaneously being blown away. Wedding couples that opt for such rings want to express themselves while creating a lasting memory that they indeed are wild-spirited, free, untainted, and above all, unique. Bikers often find this choice appealing when searching for perfect wedding rings. If you want to find amazing but crazy wedding rings go to

Whiskey Barrel Wedding Ring

Source: Vintage Gentlemen

For those who want an absolutely brilliant idea associated with beverage the whiskey barrel wedding rings are the answer. The wedding rings are made out of barrels, framed by the strong titanium, and high polished finish to admire them. The rings may speak that you appreciate this beverage but can also tell the story of how you two met. Either way, such wedding rings are definitely not for everyone

USB Wedding Rings

Source: Life

In modern time, various trends appear that most of the people comply with. The same is with the creation of USB wedding rings that offer personalization through visual recognition, and simultaneously having a practical use. Couple that opts for this choice of wedding rings wants to send a clear message when they are wearing their wedding rings, and also be able to connect the rings and share data with their better half. We suggest having this one in mind too when considering your options for wedding rings because this is not just a trendy look but a style of life even.