How to Find the Right Engagement Ring in 2024

One of the essential items on the list of any engagement is finding the right ring. When someone starts looking, he or she is going to quickly find that there are tons of jewelry stores and shops out there. Therefore, this process can become overwhelming as someone tries to find the right one. Fortunately, there is a helpful guide that people can follow to make sure that the right ring is purchased. Sticking to these steps will help everyone’s engagement get off on the right foot.

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Keep the 4 C’s in Mind

The first thing that Vanessa Nicole, Master Diamond Setter, and Best Selling Author of The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring, tells people is that they need to make sure they know about the 4 C’s. These 4 C’s mean almost everything when it comes to finding the right ring because a beautiful ring starts with a quality diamond. These include:

Cut: The first C is cut. When it comes to “cut,” this means the sparkle instead of the shape of the ring. Cuts are graded from first down to the lowest rating, which is unfortunate. When a diamond is cut into shape, the type of cut is going to influence how much it sparkles. The sparkle is going to matter when looking for the right ring.

Carat: The next C is the carat. That is the size or weight of the diamond as a whole. On average, the diamond that is found in an engagement ring measures 200 mg. That is a single carat. Of course, the more a diamond weighs, the more expensive it is going to be.

Clarity: The clarity of the diamond is used to measure the purity of the diamond itself. Even a stone that appears perfect on the outside might have some flaws. These come in the form of inclusions. These inclusions are small particles of black or odd lines that occur naturally as the diamond is formed in the earth. The fewer the number of additions, the better the diamond is viewed.

Color: The last C is going to be the color. Diamonds are thought to be white; however, even diamonds come in various shades. The rarest diamonds are said to be colorless. Diamonds are rated on a scale from having no color to the most color. The brilliance of the rock is going to influence its quality.

The 4 C’s are important because they impact how much a diamond is going to cost. By understanding the four C’s of diamonds, people will be able to budget appropriately for the wedding ring.

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Think About the Shape

Once people have settled on a budget for the diamond, the next step is to think about the shape. Diamond engagement rings come in all different forms. It is essential to remain familiar with the types to narrow down the options.

  • Round: A round shape is the most popular. It is the most sought-after shape when it comes to engagement rings because it can highlight the brilliance of the stone in the middle.
  • Oval: An oval shape is also popular among those who are looking for a ring. An oval shape goes well with fingers that are both long and lean.
  • Asscher: This is a unique shape; however, it is also becoming more popular in the modern era. That is a square shape that is described as “art deco.”
  • Princess: The princess shape has a broad, flat top. It comes in the form of a pyramid and can make a stone appear more substantial.
  • Emerald: For an elegant, classic look, emerald cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with cropped corners.
  • Pear: Tear-drop shaped, pear cut diamonds are a mix between an oval and marquise cut.
  • Radiant: A radiant cut diamond is a square or rectangular shape with the brilliant sparkle of a round cut.
  • Cushion: A pillow shape that is square or rectangular with rounded edges or slightly oval shape at the ends. That is often thought of in antique style rings and is widely popular today.

Of course, the shape of the ring is going to fall along a spectrum. Knowing this spectrum will help someone find the right ring.

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The Ring Setting

The setting holds the diamond and showcases it. Once you decide on the cut or shape of the diamond, the environment is where you can get the most creative, differentiating one ring from another.

Setting styles are ranging from paving, bezel, flush, tension, prong, halo, and many more. A timeless setting is the prong setting or diamond solitaire setting that showcases the diamond itself. This style is a classic and is perfect for showcasing a high-quality diamond.

The micro paves, and halo style is one of the more popular methods today. One of the advantages of the micro pave and halo style is that it makes the diamond appear larger than it is and gives a dazzling sparkle.

What you need to look out for with these particular settings is the quality of craftsmanship. A gap between the halo edge and the diamond needs to be seamless, where you can’t tell where the leading diamond ends and the setting begins.

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Type of Metal

The metal setting choices are gold and platinum. Gold is a popular choice; you can choose from yellow, white, or even rose gold, which is a new trend.

Platinum is more durable than gold, which can be soft and pliable. Because of its metallic color, platinum compliments a diamond because it doesn’t throw off any color. If your diamond is colorless, you’ll want the metal to be colorless as well, so it doesn’t reflect a yellow tone in the diamond. However, you can achieve the same colorless effect with white gold and save a few hundred dollars.

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Where to Buy The Ring Itself

Once all of these decisions have been made, it is time to buy the jewel itself. There are lots of options to choose from, and people need to be familiar with the possibilities. One option is to go with a national jeweler. These are the shops that people see advertised on TV. These stores have a tremendous presence, extensive selections, and convenient financing options. Sometimes, they will even allow people to upgrade the wedding ring after the fact.

Another choice is a private jeweler. Those who know what they want might have an easier time at a private jeweler. They won’t be asked to look at countless options and can get straight to the point. At the same time, it might take longer to get the ring when working with a private jeweler.

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Finding the Right Engagement Ring

It can be hard for someone to settle on a single ring. After all, every engagement ring is beautiful, and, for most people, they would be happy with multiple designs. For this reason, following these steps to narrow down the options available is an excellent place to start. Don’t pass up on the chance to design your ring and create the most beautiful engagement ring.