How To Arrange For A Glamorous Wedding Cocktail Party

Weddings are special, so everything must be perfect. Starting from the dress to the accessories to the jewelry, tuxedo, the venue, the dinner, the party, the music; everything must be in place.

But hosting a gala wedding cocktail party need not be daunting when you know the essential things to include. If you are worried about the budget, then do not fret, because cocktail parties are nothing like traditional wedding parties characterized by multi-course dinners in ceremonious palaces. You can simply rock your wedding cocktail party with Proofsyrup.

To make things easy for you, we have got some tips to arrange for your wedding cocktail party.

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After all, it is your big day; you have the liberty to try out new things

If you do not want to compromise with tradition, good enough, but just in case, you need a little drama in life then, maybe keep the dress code flirtatious and jaunty. Tell your guests to wear cocktail attire; it will be fun and sexy. You can experiment with the bridesmaid’s dresses too. Say you love sunshine go for yellow, and let the bridesmaids pick their outfit to look fabulous in the wedding pictures. There is harmony in diversity so try to avoid identical dresses to keep the spark of the party alive.

Full course meal at a wedding cocktail party?

Nope, make that clear to your guests or, better yet, mention it in the wedding card that your guests will join you for cocktail and hors d’oeuvres after the main ceremony. You can have around twelve to sixteen various amuse-gueules in rotation. Always keep a count so that the supply of savories doesn’t dry up. While choosing the savories and tapas be careful to care for the different preferences of your guests. For spirits, of course, the main attraction of your party, you can either go for a full bar or even keep champagne, a signature cocktail, wine, or bourbon in rotation.


Choose the venue carefully

Yes, because the ambiance needs to be perfect for your cocktail party, and don’t forget it is your wedding day. Needless to say, the weather and season solely dictate the choice of venue, but even then make sure to pick and choose.

You can choose a restaurant or a hotel to keep it simple yet fascinating. The service will be up to the mark as the staff knows how things happen and what your guests will be looking for. For flowers and getting the decorations right, call a florist. The lighting is so important; keep it dim to make the ambiance romantic and soothing.

Don’t forget comfortable seating

A relaxed ambiance at your wedding will encourage the guests to go on with merry-making in full swing. Make sure that the seating arrangements are done right especially if you have elderly folks on your guest list… you wouldn’t like to keep them standing!

For the youth at your full-blown cocktail party, keep some space where they can mingle around comfortably and peacefully. Keep a separate lounge area where you can also place a few comfortable chairs along with couches. People would want to interact, and a cocktail party is meant for chit-chatting and having a great time. Nobody would like to stand throughout your wedding especially, the damsels in stilettos… you know what we mean right? Yes, the feet hurt badly… comfortable seats placed here and there are sure to be greatly welcomed.

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Keep your guests engaged and entertained

To make your wedding cocktail party memorable for all, try to keep your guests engaged in a way that they can enjoy. You can include interesting activities that are fun and engaging for those invited.

If the element of entertainment goes missing, it might sink the tempo… nobody likes to get bored at a fun wedding party right?

You can keep a book for guests to write what they think about your wedding, or for their blessings. And keep these little notes as precious memories forever. You can read these later and cherish the lovely moments with family members. In case you are planning to have an outdoor party, great! You can organize some interesting outdoor games such as ring toss, bocce ball, croquet, and so on. For people who want to host a cozy indoor wedding, lovely photo booths, exciting table games, and more are pretty lovely options to keep the guests occupied. Also, do not forget the bride and groom trivia that is one of the most happening games that people love at weddings. Your personal style is the sole criteria that will make your wedding memorable and enjoyable. So, choose games that will have a hint of your personal style.

You might want to arrange for a DJ

Music, music, and music! There is absolutely no denying the fact that music is the life of a wedding, no matter how small or big it is. Music sets the mood and blends beautifully with the ambiance.

However, many people feel that a full band of musicians might be too much for a cocktail party. Live background music will add charm and life to your party even if it is all about conversations and food; keep the dance floor open so that interested people can spend a moment or two of solitude in the arms of their partners.

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The cake is important, but don’t forget the additional desserts!!

Of course, the wedding cake is grand and something that makes the whole celebration complete. But some extra sweetness after the meal will be delightful for everyone! Additional dessert does no harm, rather it makes people happy. And sweet treats are also a huge hit among kids. So, try out mini crème brûlées, brandies sugar-candies, pannacotta parfaits, to make your wedding a sweet memory.

Get ready for a gala wedding cocktail party, because you have got this! Smile a lot and get tons of blessings for a happy married life.