Top 7 Tips to Consider When Planning a Party for a Special Event

If you have a special event coming up such as a birthday, engagement, graduation, or anniversary, then you have the perfect excuse for throwing a party. Celebrate with your friends and family, indulge in some of the finer things life has to offer and make the very most of a special occasion.

If you are planning an upcoming party, then we have some top tips to share with you — from setting the date to finding the right venue, decorations, entertainment and food, pulling out all the stops needn’t be complicated.

1. Plan Ahead

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The very first party planning tip that all prospective hosts should take into consideration is to make sure you plan ahead as much as possible. It is easy to focus on your vision for the day, but getting down to the practicalities — from booking a venue to ordering decorations and supplies — takes a little more self-discipline and forethought. There’s nothing wrong with having plans in place for months before the day arrives; the sooner you begin to make concrete arrangements with suppliers and guests, the better it will be. As the host, you should never leave anything to the last minute.

2. Look for Ideas

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The next party planning tip that you should consider when you are planning for a special event is to always be open to inspiration. Magazines, TV and film, and, of course, the internet are all bursting with ideas relevant to the event that you are planning.

Once you have got some ideas in mind, you can use them to start deciding how you want to plan your own special event.

Spark your own creativity by hunting for some of the supplies you will need. For example, if you head over to you can find a range of premium party suppliers for many different occasions. Make sure to check this out and find the right suppliers.

3. Choose the Right Venue

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Venues come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and it can be almost impossible to settle on just one. While the choice may be overwhelming, it is ideal for anyone hosting a themed event; formal dining spaces, minimalist art galleries, or even stately manors are all available to transform a celebration into something quite remarkable.

Make sure that you are viewing venues with plenty of time to spare before the day itself — but not before you are sure about what it is you need. Your theme — and the size of your guest list — will help you to determine which venue is right for you.

Even the most stunning venues can throw up a few logistical issues — make sure that the location is suitable, or your guests may think it’s too far to travel.

4. Give Plenty of Notice

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As soon as you have selected your venue, it will be time to issue the invitations to your guests. Even if they are aware of an upcoming celebration, hectic schedules and busy social calendars can mean that your guests are regrettably double booked before you know it.

An invitation is not so easily forgotten and will ensure that as many people are free to attend your party as possible. Be sure to include all the relevant information, such as details on parking, food, accommodation and start-times — or you may end up being overwhelmed with phone calls and emails in the days leading up to the event.

5. Deal with Decorations

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Another thing to consider is the decorations that you will need for your event. A lot of venues will allow you to bring your own decorations, so you will need to plan out what you need to make the event a success. When you are looking for decorations, you should make sure you are always working towards a cohesive theme for the event — and, of course, the budget you are working with, too.

If you want to save money on the decorations, you can rent them from party suppliers. They will have a wide range of choices, and it will cost significantly less than purchasing the decor for yourself.

If you want to include some “special effects” and sparkles in your wedding ceremony, check out sites like, where you can find all different types of sparklers. This could be a cheap way of improving the overall experience of your wedding ceremony.

6. Look for Some Help

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The next thing that you should consider when it comes to planning a party is to make sure that you are not taking on too much by yourself. Organising an event is hard work, even with a few extra pairs of hands to help, so don’t try to take on too much by yourself. From help with decorations to providing a fresh perspective on the theme, working as a team will prove invaluable to you, and the event.

For the best possible help, consider collaborating with an event planner. They will have years’ of experience in throwing the very best parties for their clients and will understand how to step-in and liaise with suppliers on your behalf before you get overwhelmed.

6. Keep Budgets in Mind

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If you are planning a party for a special event, then it is very important that you make sure you are always working with a firm budget in mind.

There are many costs associated with planning a party, and overspending on, say, the venue will only limit you when it comes to gathering decorations or planning the menu with your caterer.

Work out a manageable budget before you make any commitments to party suppliers, and never over-spend unless you are sure that you will be able to compromise on something else. There will be a certain amount of give and take when it comes to party planning — the trick is to make sure that they remain balanced until the last bottle of champagne has been popped.

7. Use Our Tips

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When you are planning a party, it can seem as though there is an endless list of things to consider, arrange, and compromise on. As the host, finding reliable party suppliers — and the right help from friends, family and professionals — will ensure that you are able to enjoy your event as much as your guests.