Why You Need a Flower Wall at Your Wedding

Being married is arguably the single most important goal for anyone’s life, which makes your wedding a day that you would ideally want to plan out meticulously. There are all kinds of things that you’d need to keep in mind while planning your wedding if you want it to be perfect from the catering to the guest list, but figuring out how you want your wedding to look in pictures is arguably the highest priority for you in this regard.

You will find all kinds of styling tips that people feel like you should pay attention to, but a common thread amongst the various aesthetics that you might be looking into would involve the use of flowers. Floral arrangements are a big part of weddings and for good reason. The sight of flowers can help people get into a very sunny and joyous mood, and this is definitely the vibe you’d want for your wedding. The implementation of these flowers in the overall wedding aesthetic is something that you should think through pretty carefully because there are a number of approaches that you can take here and some of them are undoubtedly going to be more effective than others.

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One way in which you can incorporate flowers into your wedding decorations would involve the use of flower walls. Plenty of service providers like captiv8flowerwallhire.com.au are offering flower wall hire these days which is a testament to the popularity of this wedding decoration tool, but if you are on the fence about whether or not using a flower wall would be a good idea for you we have a few advantages associated with their use that you might want to pay some attention to.

For one thing, the use of a flower wall can make it a bit easier for you to ensure that your wedding venue looks absolutely beautiful even if you don’t really have much else going on. It’s fairly likely that you have lots of other things in mind that are just as important in terms of wedding logistics. Hence, by saving yourself some time through the use of a one size fits all aesthetic solution such as a flower wall, you can save a bit of time that you can put towards managing other aspects of the event to ensure that nothing goes awry.

That’s not to say that the use of flower walls is in any way tacky, however. Just because it is a shortcut that makes your life easier doesn’t mean that you will be skimping out on making your wedding venue look as good as you and your soon to be spouse need it to. Flower walls look absolutely gorgeous, and this has contributed a lot more to their enduring popularity over the years. You should look at the convenience as an added bonus rather than being the primary motivator for you wanting to try out this type of flower arrangement.

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An added advantage of the flower wall is that it will make your wedding pictures start to look absolutely incredible too. The pictures you end up taking of your big day are really quite important since they are what you will use to look back on your big day and enjoy some of the nostalgia that such an act can bring to you. The fact that flower walls can make these pictures turn out great without forcing you to use a wide range of other props and decorations is great since this will save you a fair bit of money as well as time which is arguably even more important.

All of that having been said, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to figure out how you can best utilize your flower wall without it degrading in quality. One thing that you should most definitely be aware of is that fresh flowers are an absolute necessity here. If you make the mistake of purchasing flowers that were not as fresh as they could have been, this would result in them wilting in no time at all.

Wilted flowers on your flower wall are going to look terrible and they will ruin the overall vibe of the aesthetic as well. You should try to ensure that the service provider in question is providing you with flowers that were picked in the morning, and they shouldn’t have any kind of artificial coating on them that would make them appear fresher than they actually are either.

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Another tip that we would like to give you is that you should look into diversifying the colors of the flowers you add to the wall. Try to make these colors match the overall color scheme of your wedding, and remember that high contrast can often make the flower wall pop a bit.

Using different varieties would help the color gradient become further pronounced because there would be significant shape differences that can accentuate the contrast further. However, you might want to think about opting for flower varieties that fit in with the idea of a wedding such as roses and white carnations. Flowers like daffodils might look absolutely beautiful but they don’t fit in with a wedding so it might be better to go for something that’s a little more appropriate.

Overall, the use of a flower wall is a must have for all kinds of weddings. Even those that prefer small weddings because they wouldn’t want anything that’s too bombastic can make use of a flower wall, and in a lot of ways small weddings might be able to utilize this type of flower arrangement in the best possible manner since the understated aesthetics would be significantly bolstered and improved.