How to Turn Your Wedding Photos Into Prints on Canvas

Weddings are such joyous occasions that we hold dear to our hearts. Aside from the obvious significance, these are moments and memories we want to capture so that we glance through them occasionally and relive some of the best moments of our lives. From walking down the aisle to the couples’ kiss to the towering cakes, or taking photographs with your loved ones who cared enough to show up on your big day, wedding days are special moments. You want to remember it forever, even though it usually seems to happen all too quickly.

After hiring the best wedding photographer, to capture those moments just so you could relive them every day. You find that even though it is quite easy to flip through the digital copies you have posted or saved online, the truth is, no matter the amount of time you spend online, you don’t live online. Moreover, it is easy to damage these printed photographs. That said, physical copies do not hold merit in themselves as they soon began to gather dust in some corner of the house.

Most married couples want their homes to be decorated with these pictures. Whether print canvas or frames hanging from their walls or well-placed frames on their nightstand, the main purpose is for their homes to carry these memories and the occasion of their union.  One of the major trends now is turning the wedding pictures into frames to be hung on the walls of the home. This can be done in various frames, sizes, colors, and print, which will complement the home or space’s set design and style.

The best way to achieve both aesthetic values and consolidate your best memories is by turning your wedding photo into canvas prints. Check here to make your beautiful wedding moments caught on camera can be customized into premium quality canvas prints, with multiple layouts options and in amazing sizes and shapes. Here are five excellent and exciting ways to convert your favorite wedding photos into beautiful home décor that will surely take you back in time to these moments and bring a smile to your face every time you enter the room.

Go for a grand canvas

To succinctly put it: Go big or go home. If your wedding was one of the most important days of your life, then the wedding pictures are a perfect and ideal item for your home décor. Lining up your walls with your beautiful memories is a great way to stamp your personality and style into your living space. It is also symbolic, as it directly represents your union and togetherness as a couple. This is because wedding photos on walls create an impression of love, respect, and family.

A large canvas print is a constant reminder to yourself and your significant other of the beautiful memories you shared on your wedding day. It also provides an interesting visual attraction to the visitors of your house.

You can hang it on the most spacious wall available in your living room, above your bed, or above the fireplace, which is another spot that’s perfect and healthy for your emotions. However, it is advisable to first measure the wall before making your request. I once had a neighbor who has a hallway with different family pictures hanging on the wall from their wedding picture to the picture of their child’s birth hospital pictures.

Frame it in black and white

This sort of print reminds us of our grandparents’ and parent’s younger days’ photographs that most often than not, comes with hilarious stories and adventures. There is an aura of romance, a breeze in an atmosphere of love that doesn’t go away with black and white photos. Images from black and white framed photo prints are timeless, and when the theme is of a wedding, the love story in that photo will be timeless. You can choose two of your cherished wedding photographs in black and white, hang them in equal-sized frames side by side to add a classic and vintage look to your home or space.

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Add a collage print

If you want a canvas print that tells a story of your wedding moments deeper than what appears in a single frame, a beautiful collage is your answer. Yes, you will yourself taking more time looking at the picture collage and fall in love with it every time you notice the moments captured as 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 on the canvas

Go for a panoramic print

It is almost impossible to pay attention to your surroundings while fixing your gaze on each other during the photo shoot. The breathtaking landscape view that you missed at the beach, for instance, can be appreciated in a panoramic print. This also gives the impression of mystery and fantasy with amazing high-quality ink.

Welcome a gallery on your wall

A gallery might seem like an idea made to force clumsiness on your home.  However, in the hands of a professional interior designer, they are the most creative ways you can spice up your home. They are not just beautiful to look at when orderly, and they will surely entertain and engage your guests. You can design your home to look like a beautiful art gallery of memories and times of your life you hold dear. This is a great point of focus for your home or space and also highlights the wall, thereby giving the design and décor a harmoniously finished look.

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Shaped and Multi-Panelled Prints canvas

The pictures can be made into canvas prints and frames of different shapes that will further complement the general design. From multi-paneled symmetrically shaped prints to hexagon-shaped prints, you can customize your canvas prints into different shaped multi-paneled canvas prints that will redefine the wall, space, and general design.

There are so many great ways to turn your wedding photos into canvas prints. This is a good design inspiration that will add depth and harmony to your décor, as well as, showcase and commemorate that special day.