Lovely Wedding Flowers to Brighten Your Special Day

The best decoration for your wedding is the one you select – but the options are various. With vibrant colors and flowers everywhere, even the bridal bouquet will stand out. The key here is not to go overboard and play up the theme of natural beauty.  Trust floral experts like and rest assured that your wedding will be studded with the charm and beauty.

Practically your wedding is incomplete without flowers. On your special day, apart from you, these flowers will be the elements that will definitely stand out. Adding elegance and fragrance to your occasion, these flowers come in many variations, and one can create different arrangements, according to Floraqueen.

The language

With flowers as an integral part of your wedding décor, you add a personal touch to the celebrations. Did you know that this ‘language’ of flowers has been here for centuries? Ever since the Victorian era, these express your feelings when the words and gestures fail. Today the practice of ‘saying it with flowers’ has gained full acceptance across all cultures. We all follow this romantic tradition and use them to add significance to our expressions and occasions.

Each piece in a bouquet convey different emotions. With flowers like roses and carnations, it is all so easy to strengthen a love connection. Then there are daffodils, iris and hydrangea with their meaningful traits of faith and perseverance.

While all flowers tend to convey positive vibes and sentiments, yet there are a few varieties that have a bit of negative association like begonia and tansy that symbolizes hostile thoughts and caution. For instance, roses will always remain a popular wedding choice. However, roses with different hues have different meanings. A red rose stands for passion, white signifies purity, and a pink one depicts admiration and joy. The same interpretation goes for hyacinths as well.

Irrespective of the sentiments that you wish to convey on your wedding day, you will find flowers that meet your specific taste and requirements. Every piece conveys a different narrative. We have compiled a list of 11 most popular flowers that will add sparkle to your wedding. Let’s check them out.


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You also know that you can never go wrong with these flowers. As a symbol of love, purity and passion, roses give you the freedom to assemble in different patterns in a bouquet. There will be a beautiful uniqueness to the bunch of these flowers, sufficient to make your day very special.


Source: The Brides Bouquet

The full bloom of hydrangea will make it a perfect centrepiece of your wedding décor. There is something special about these flowers as their shape resembles a beating heart and symbolizes emotions. Whether you choose a pink or white hydrangea, elegance is truly remarkable.


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The most beautiful thing about daisies is that their season all year. Use the white and yellow color palette with daisies and see the charm of these. With a cheerful disposition, these flowers will brighten the mood.

Baby’s breath

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As pure and innocent as a baby, these flowers are less expensive and, with their beauty, become an essential part of the wedding décor. Use it n a subtle way in your wedding crown and get that glow on your face for everyone to notice.


Source: Medium

Carnation has interestingly emerged as the preferred choice for weddings. What was once a small filler flower, now adorns the wedding décor the most. Frilly petals and a wide variety of colors make it quite versatile.


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This flower is timeless and genuinely exotic. Willing to add an air of mystery to your wedding? Opt for orchids, and you will never go wrong. They are a stunning addition to any arrangement. A vital element of the wedding bouquet, orchids are refreshing in nature.


Source: Weddingbells

These plants grow everywhere and yet look trendy in any arrangement. Generally available round the year, add these to the centre piece, bouquet or backdrop and find a beautiful finishing touch. Easy to maintain and durable, it will make your occasion look more elegant.


Source: Flowers By Janie

Anemone makes a strong personal statement when you add these to your bridal bouquet or floral arrangement. Adding depth to your floral theme, it works far better in non-traditional events. No matter what season is, these beautiful flowers are precisely what you need.


Source: Tesselaar Flowers

The charm and sophistication of dahlias are irresistible. Add this flower to your wedding day arrangement or bouquet to convey a dramatic statement. You can pair these with a little bit of greenery thrown in, and its subdued and vibrant colors will impress anyone.


Source: Silk Wedding Designs

This lovely flower of the lily family is a beauty for all. Its uniquely shaped petals are impressive. With different varieties and colors, you can pair these with peonies to create a differently textured floral arrangement.

Sweet Pea


Every bride is going to love these bridal flowers. When meticulously arranged with other floral, the feeling of romanticism fills the whole atmosphere. It comes in a range of colors like pink, white and purple.

The best part is that one need not be an expert in floral arrangements. The beauty and language of flowers, even in its raw form, is appreciated and well understood. Suits every wedding theme or venue, you can make an impressive statement with these. Therefore, whether it’s a bridal party or a reception, these flowers compliment the beauty of the occasion quite well. These flowers will make your wedding even more memorable.