5 Most Common Things People Lose At Weddings

Have you noticed that whenever you go to someone’s wedding – you lose something? Although this probably upsets and irritates you – don’t be too hard on yourself. Many people have the same problem because the focus of their attention is on the wedding ceremony. Then, we mostly become careless and forgetful. And what are the things we lose most often in such situations? Here are a few common things people lose at weddings.

Playing Hide-And-Seek With Your Things, Especially At Weddings

Weddings are very beautiful and exciting events, not only for newlyweds – but also for all those who attend such a majestic day. Between questions like what to wear, what kind of gift to buy for the newlyweds, and organizing a babysitter for that day – it’s not hard to forget a lot of things. You already know about those famous movie scenes – when the best man forgets where the wedding rings are in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

Believe it or not, it happens to many people. Forgetting things due to excitement or enjoying good company at a wedding reception – is nothing new and happens to everyone. For some, distraction is part of the character, and losing things is every day, but such things occasionally happen to even the most organized people. And what are the most common things people lose at weddings? There are a few typical examples.

1. Car Keys

Source: aarp.org

OK, you had a great time at your friends’ wedding. Now it’s time to go home, but suddenly you don’t know where your car keys are! This is where the panic situation starts. You run out first to make sure your car is there.

You breathed a sigh of relief as it was still parked in the same spot, but looks like your keys have vanished. You searched all your pockets, your wife’s purse, you went back to the restaurant and peeked into almost every corner – but they are simply nowhere to be found. This is one of the typical situations in which most people find themselves a little distracted.

Try to calm down and gradually think about where you could have left them. In most cases, it happens that we even leave them in a visible place, but our panicked brain simply does not register it. If you can’t find them, ask people around you if they may have found them – or if there is a lost-and-found office at the site where the wedding reception took place, ask if anyone left them there.

Otherwise, you will have to call a taxi to the house – and call the towing service to bring your car if you do not have spare keys.

2. Smartphone

Source: theguardian.com

If you lost your smartphone somewhere during a wedding reception or if someone may have stolen it from you – don’t be so desperate because not everything is lost. We know you used a camera to capture every significant moment. You took pictures with the newlyweds and your friends.

The phone was on the table in front of you – and now it’s nowhere to be found. A typical situation for many people and it’s not happening just at weddings. Of course, you will call your number first, but if that doesn’t work, luckily there is another tactic.

According to www.find-my-phone.org, smartphones have a global positioning system – which was not designed just so that its users could receive instructions on how to get to a particular location. It can also be used to track the location of devices or people when you log in and activate the appropriate service. You can also track your phone with a number – and there are many other applications and software that can help you locate your phone quickly.

3. Wallet

Source: harberlondon.com

You were just enjoying the wedding reception when you realized that you don’t have your wallet with you. This is also a very common situation. You look in your bag, check your pockets – but it’s just not there. This is almost a recipe for disaster because you have all your credit cards and personal documents in your wallet.

First, look carefully around you – because you might’ve accidentally dropped it somewhere. You can also go back to your car to see if you might have left it there. Finally, if you realize that your wallet is nowhere to be found – you will have to report it to the security service at the place where the wedding reception takes place.

True, this can be a little embarrassing and uncomfortable – but it’s even more upsetting if someone takes money from your card – or you have to get your ID and driver’s license again. So the best advice is not to take it with you to the wedding – but to leave it in the compartment in the car.

4. Sunglasses

Source: vogue.co.uk

This is not such a terrible loss unless you wear one of those more expensive models. Therefore, you must always keep your sunglasses with you. Even if you take them off, make sure they have a hanging rope – so that even when you take them off, they hang around your neck. Then the chances of forgetting or losing them are minimal.

5. A Purse

Source: handbags.lovetoknow.com

This is perhaps the worst option because you carry all of the above-mentioned items in your purse. You certainly don’t want anyone to get your hands on your car or house keys, phone, wallet, or even your sunglasses – so you must always have your purse with you. If you have decided to show your skills on the dance floor – ask someone to watch over your purse while you are not there.

We Don’t All Lose The Same Things

According to psychoanalysts, forgetfulness should not be attributed to chance. On the contrary, it has its roots in our inner world. In short, we don’t forget by accident. For example, a cell phone is an item that will be more easily forgotten by a housewife than a businesswoman.

A housewife does not see a mobile phone as a priority – unlike, for example, managers to whom the phone is a means for work. Always keep this in mind, even when you’re at a wedding reception – because you never know what you might lose when you’re distracted.