How Should A Wedding Look Like if You Date a Filipino Girl

Filipino weddings are action-packed fiestas for the whole family and every single other attendee. If you’re a person who is about to marry a Filipino girl, beware as Filipino wedding traditions will guarantee you joyous chaos.

In this article, we are going to tell you how a Filipino wedding looks like, if you’re about to marry a Filipino girl.

1. First Things First – The Superstitions

Philippines is a country that has had many colonizers in the past, so naturally, some wedding customs have been adopted by the native people. However, that doesn’t stop the fact that superstitions will do your head all day long. One of most common Filipino wedding superstition is one which states that no two, or more, family members will have weddings in the same year. Another popular one comes from Western culture and it says that it’s considered bad luck to wear the wedding dress before the wedding day. But most Filipinos are Catholics, meaning that the wedding will begin with a lengthy Catholic Church ceremony, followed by a reception.

2. Be Prepared to Meet All of Her Relatives

In the Philippines everyone is family, so be prepared to meet hundreds of people from all parts of the country. You should be prepared for this as most of the attendees will describe in great length their connection with your soon-to-be wife.

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3. Bring Your Barong Game

Filipino weddings expect the groom to wear a traditional Filipino shirt called Barong. This type of shirt is worn on most formal events. A Barong is very lightweight and embroidered along the front in a U-shape pattern, which often case is hand-made. You can wear the barong untucked and over an undershirt. But neglect this one as it is the best way to gain the approval of the elders in the family.

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4. Bring Comfy Shoes

Filipino weddings turn wild pretty fast, once people start drinking a little. All it takes is an overly hyperactive cousin to get the party started, and oh boy does it start. Filipino weddings are accompanied by booze and food that never seems to run low. Everyone is full pretty much at the beginning, but they seem to get extra energized once they start drinking. Filipino weddings can last up to the early hours of the next day. During this time, everyone will dance and they will expect you to do so too. Make sure to get dancing lessons, as sooner or later a tita (aunt) will pull you from the chair and dance with you.

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5. Expect a Lot of Wacky Photographs

If you didn’t know by now, the Philippines is the selfie capital of the world. They love taking photos, but they go to the extremes when it comes to weddings. But more so in modern times, group wedding photos usually end with a “wacky shot”. When the time comes for taking this crazy shot, you need to break character with exaggerated movements and facial expressions. This is not something that is practiced in the West, so be ready to be the laughing stock of the photo.