6 Best Crystal Dresses in 2024

Crystal dresses are the most luxurious and glamorous among them all dresses. If you want to look over the top just pick the crystal dress for your special occasion. In the event, crystal dress will always look more than special on every girl because the crystals which are embroidered into the material of the dress will shine and sparkle under the lights while you are moving.

When the girls want to make a statement with the dress wore a crystal one, even brides choose cristal dresses for their big day. There are numerous models of the crystal dresses on the market, and you can choose where you want to put your crystals, in front, on the back, on the sleeves, etc. The price of dresses increases with the number of crystals; so if you have an important occasion you should spend a little more money and buy a crystal dress.

You can choose to buy a dress with the crystal on the upper front of the dress or in the back part, or you can even buy a dress with many smaller crystals which are put on the entire dress. If you want to look like a million-dollar just buy this type of elegant and glamorous dress. You even would not have to wear any accessories because you will sparkle from every corner of the venue.

If you want to find out more about types of crystal dresses just continue reading this article.

1. Club Crystal Dresses


First on our list is a club dress for crazy and adventurous nightlife. You can choose the length of your dress but the most comfortable will be the short one; so you can move and dance on the dancefloor. Everyone will notice you at the club with the shiny crystals on your dress. This will be a statement outfit for the night out.

2. Backless Crystal Dresses

Source: DHgate

This is the perfect type of dress if you are going to formal or semi-formal events. The crystals on the backless dress will be like the cherry on the top; which will give you that sexy and sophisticated look. Every woman must have this type of dress in her closet because it is a timeless piece, especially if you are a slim type of woman.

3. BodyCon

Source: Pinterest

BodyCon dresses are the best dresses if you want to show your silhouette, tight fitted, stretchy, and feminine, these dresses will draw attention to your curves. They are usually tighter in the area of the bust and hips, so you might consider putting the crystals on the upper front. If you want to shine on the cocktail party or corporate event this is the perfect pick for you.

4. Formal

Source: The Dress Rail Boutique

Formal dresses are the first pick when you have a formal event, dinner, or cocktail. This type of dress is a part of every event that has a dress code. If you do not want to look like every other woman on that formal dinner just buy a dress with the little crystal on in and shine and sparkle the whole night.

5. Lace

Source: Amazon

Lace and crystals are the perfect combo, don’t you think? Lace is a type of material that never seems to go out of fashion, and you can always add some crystal on it and pull up the outfit on a higher level. The combination of lace and crystals is the perfect balance of the old and modern style, and you will look sexy, stunning, and fabulous.

6. Long Sleeve

Source: Terani Couture

This is the type of dress that has numerous designs, from tunic, pencil, to asymmetric dresses; and when you add crystals in the picture you will get the unique dress which will draw attention immediately to you at the event. You can put the crystals in the upper front, in the back, but you can add them into the long sleeves and get the most stylish outfit ever. The long sleeves can be straight, ruffled or belle on the dress.