Berta Wedding Dresses for Modern and Daring Brides

Berta Bridal is an Israeli based fashion house which offers some of the best wedding dresses for the daring, bold and forward-thinking brides. The fashion house has become very popular due to their meticulously crafted dresses which highlight the feminine spirit. The gowns are not only breathtaking, but also full of details and made of luxurious fabrics. The unique creations cherish art, uniqueness and craftsmanship and are guaranteed the bring the best out of every bride.

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Hence, it’s been only six years since the Berta fashion house was established, but it became a power house internationally and a household brand-name in record speed. Berta Bridal completely changed the fashion industry with their high-quality gowns available atretail prices. The dresses are different than anything else already seen and thus, Berta became the most sought-after brand in the bridal industry. The fashion house offers famous luxury bridal lines and high-end ready-to-wear collections.

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Berta Balilti, the founder and the sole designer of Berta Bridal, isone of the world’s best bridal designers. Her avant-gard design style offers a sensual and modern spin of the wedding dress. She graduated the Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv, Israel and has designed some of the most amazing wedding gowns the fashion world has ever seen. She started designing dresses for beauty and pageant contestants, but it was when she designed her daughter’s three wedding dresses that she found her calling. Ever since she realized that the world of couture bridal wear is her true love, Berta has been creating wedding dresses whose workmanship and quality is second to none.

Design Focused on Modern Fashion-Forward Brides

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All of Berta’s collections have a clear goal: highlighting the bride’s natural beauty. The focus when creating a gown is completely on the fit and cut whereas the methods of design have no boundaries whatsoever. The designer is fueled by the love and appreciation of the brides. The bodice of the Berta bridal dresses comes with the most details and attracts the most interest. The contoured corset-style silhouette is usually created of nude or sheer paneling topped with carefully placed embellishment and embroidery. What keeps these dresses their femininity, but prevents them from being too sexy are the lace panels and long sleeves often made of satin and silk.

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Additionally, most of the gowns feature plunging V-necklines, high waists, stunning open backs, and modern belts. What makes these dresses timeless are the Solstiss lace and pearls. The handmade gowns are mostly form-fitting from the waist down. Some of the dresses come with a fishtail or chapel train which only adds to the wedding glamour. The simplistic tight fit is designed to complement the bride’s shape, while the luxurious fabrics and elaborate detailing add style. The gowns are best suited for sophisticated, daring and fashion-forward brides as they come in sensual shapes.

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Hence, if you want a unique and daring wedding dress, you will have to look for a Berta bridal dress, which can only be found in certain shops in certain countries.

Muse by Berta 2024: ‘Tel Aviv’ Bridal Collection

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The Berta fashion house offers a luxury bridal line, an evening line, and two more bridal lines known as Muse by Berta and Berta Privée. The Muse by Berta line was launched in 2017 and it immediately started evolving at a very rapid pace. What brides seem to love most about this line is the perfect mixture of a relaxed pattern cut and high-level artisan work. So, many top models and celebrities have recognized the real brilliance behind this line and have chosen a gown from the Muse line for their big day.

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The latest collection from the most cutting-edge bridal line to which the fashion industry wasn’t able to stay indifferent is the 2024 Muse by Berta collection. The Muse by Berta 2024 ‘Tel Aviv’ Bridal Collection features some of the lightest and most romantic dresses which offer glamorous looks. The gowns come with extraordinary laces, fine pleating and delicate floral appliques. The bold sequins and the shimmery glitter tulle add chic and intriguing look.

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As Berta bridal gowns must always have a touch of drama, the latest collection gets it through plunging necklines and unexpected touches, such as a low back punctuated by crystal buttons. Each dress is a real masterpiece created from either from a variety of elaborate fabrics to the complex layers of tulle fabric.

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The ‘Tel Aviv’ collection is funnily here and it’s everything we could have ever dreamed of. Even with its latest collection, Berta fashion house has stayed true to its luxurious and effortlessly feminine style.