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15 Fabulous ideas for a garden wedding

by Lana Vrz

Garden weddings or weddings planned in your backyard are actually amazing – intimate, cozy and often very cheap. Before you decide to starch the idea of a garden wedding party because they remind you of a rural atmosphere which you don’t like as much, have in mind that numerous ideas can make your garden wedding party an exquisite event!

Tables covered with awning bring an elegant and formal atmosphere. From transparent curtains embellished with flower creeper or some greenery, you can create a spectacular entrance. If you hang a chandelier and decorate tables with amazing table covers and fancy gold plated candlesticks, the atmosphere will be drastically changed. You can use some furniture and turn your backyard into elegant terrace for relaxation and enjoyment.

If you want to keep that rustic and rural atmosphere, but take it to a higher level, you can place greenery all the way. Just imagine an arch for pictures from cascading greenery, table covers on the middle of the wooden tables, from eucalyptus leaves that are hanging above guests’ heads. If you want to organize some grass games after the celebratory lunch, give them your personal touch, like your initials on the gaming tables or make gaming decorations the same like table decorations.

Whatever you want, your garden wedding party to be decorated, nature itself is a fantastic decoration. From tree leaves, you can make cards, with which you will mark the sitting order. Add some trimmed shrubs at the entrance, or mark the passage to the aisle with some exotic greenery. Whether you want some wild and organic atmosphere under a tent or a fancy reception, these ideas can help your garden wedding party be as elegant and formal as a classic wedding party. Take a look at our gallery and see if there is something you like for your backyard wedding celebration.

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