Perfect lightening for the perfect wedding day 10+ Ideas

In making plans for your wedding decoration, you pay attention to cake, flowers, monogrammed invites, etc. But do you think of the lightening? No? Well, that is a big mistake!

At first, it sounds more functional than fun, but remember, the candles and bulbs you choose will light your perfect venue, make your photos just right, and keep the party going. That’s why it is essential to set it in an ideal way. It will give a specific signet on a complete experience of your special day.

Scroll down to see numerous ideas that will make your day shine.

1. Bring the outside in

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If you are not able to make a wedding under the blue sky, but you always wanted it, don’t be sad- we got a solution for you. In one of the corners of the hall bring the hanging greenery, decorate it with some flowers and lots and lots of candles. You can set the hanging lightning as well as the candles on the floor.

2. A ceiling of lights

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Your outdoor wedding can be magical thanks to the canopy of lights. It creates the look of the starry sky even in daylight.

3. Incorporate String Lights

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Lights and greenery are a perfect match. String the light up above and twist them around tree branches and leaves. It will create the appearance of a magical forest.

4. Wreaths and Drapes

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If you have high ceilings, you are blessed with the possibility of hanging the drapes and wreaths down the walls. Ad a little light in it and your background will look absolutely stunning.

5. Hang a light fixture

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Decor minimalist will love the idea of a single strikingly fixture hanging above the dinner table. This will give you the feeling of a home dinner party.

6. Tapper lights

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The natural light of the candles will add a warm and pleasant atmosphere for your wedding. Put a lot of them on the table and enjoy the sight.

7. The line of lanterns

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Lanterns provide a perfect kind of lightening for an open-air dinner. Hang them asymmetrically to create a fun atmosphere for an unforgettable wedding party.

8. Chandelier Orbs

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Hanging candles in a spheral shaped chandelier? We say, yes! It is very baroque and glamorous.

9. Point out the details

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Use light to point out a beautiful venue or to show off something like rustical walls or a pathway.

10. Don’t forget the outside

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Tent in the middle of a dark field will be nothing without candles that are scattered outside, in the grass. Don’t forget that the outside lightening is as important as the inside.

11. String lights

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Mini string lights are unique indeed. Small bulb size make enough light to illuminate the area and not to distract from a perfect dining decoration.

12. Wreath and candles

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The mix of wreath and candles will make your dining tables the most romantic decoration at your wedding. Use short pillar candles for better effect.

13. Line up the staircases

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The lightening can be both practical and fancy. Light up the tricky area like staircases, paths to the bathrooms and bar.

14. Trees and lights

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Big ballroom will get a unique appearance if you set up the tables around a tree. Lighten up treetop will look spectacular.

15. Chandeliers outside the ballroom

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Chandeliers hanging up to the trees? Why not! It is an unusual decoration that will take away the breath of every guest at the wedding.