How Can A Wedding Organizer Promote Their Page On Instagram And Find First Clients

Instagram can undoubtedly be called a platform that fits best for promotion of a certain product, service or content – when it comes to monetizing something, everything is clear as day on IG, people know how to do it, and they know where to search for stuff. However, if you’re new to this system, it might get tangled sometimes: promotional trends change, and these especially matter in such spheres as products and services advertising and selling, because you’re working primarily for sales and results, and you have to be sure that everything you do leads you to the wanted income. For such people as wedding organizers it is also quite important to know how to contact the target audience, which content should be paid and which one can be free, how to attract more and more new clients and where to seek for free support of their profiles.

We have created this article to answer all of these questions. Moreover, we’ll talk about several helpful promotional tools – such as a chance to buy Instagram followers from Viplikes, for example – that can give your page a nice boost; to figure it out, keep on reading.

Where to start

The best strategy is to plan everything ahead and have the answers to the most important questions right in front of you before you even start. So, let’s ask these questions: what are you going to monetize on this page? What’s your aim income? How much time do you have daily for working on your profile and the content you’re going to post? Do you have time to answer the questions and comments from the audience by yourself? Do you need a helper? Are you good at writing texts and taking photos? Do you have a ready concept behind your eyes that you only need to fulfill online or do you need help with that?

After all of these questions are answered, you will have main points to rely on while starting to work on your page. Basically, you will learn: whether you need to delegate some parts of the account making to the professionals or not; do you need an account manager or not; what’s your product and how you’re going to spread it around (it might be your personal service as an organizer, it might be a guide, a checklist, a set of recommendations, whatever else) and what type of content you’re going to use as a warmer to your paid content.

Don’t ignore the opportunity to use third party paid services

Some people are not ready to invest a lot into their profiles’ growth and that’s a pity, actually. If you’re running a business page, you should leave behind the thought that you’re going to be able to do everything on your own. No, you won’t – free options take away tons of time and effort and bring little to no results. If you’re here for tangible results and little time spent online, a possibility to buy subscribers is just for you.

Why have we said that we recommend buying those specifically from Viplikes? Well, that’s because we can vouch for the quality of their services – this promotional website claims that they sell only real subs (and that’s highly important) and we have checked that ourselves, they surely do. It is important to take on topnotch promo packages, because if you use the ones that are being provided by dint of fakes and bots, your statistics are going to fall, and that’s not what you want for a developing IG page.


The first step is to buy subs as we have already mentioned – it will create you a pool of followers who are going to prove your worth to everybody else and will support your page at the very beginning of the promotional process. Then you should start (and from that moment never end) collaborating with the bloggers, who can provide you either free or paid promotion. It can be free if you apply for mutual PR (remember, you have a pool of followers now) or it is going to be paid if you’re going to ask a bigger blogger for a promo in their posts or stories. It is a normal practice so don’t be afraid to reach out to people having such an aim in mind.

The other nice option is to organize free giveaways of your services or products or give discounts to people who have decided to subscribe to you. It definitely pushes people towards trying something new or relying on somebody new – this way you might be able to find your first clients. Set a price to your services that would be twice lower than the average price on the market of such services. Yes, this is straight up dumping, but your prices won’t stay the same for long. The more clients you get, the higher you can set the prices for your services and the more visitors are going to join your page because of your previous clients’ personal recommendations.

How to contact the target audience


The easiest and the quickest way would be to correctly launch a targeted ad. As we have said, IG has all the tools for promotion already built into it, and the targeted ad is a very good example of it. You can set the interests, the age, the location and some other parameters that apply to the people whom you want to see as your readers and clients. Don’t forget that you can use the neighboring interests of your audience – it will expand the audience’s reach and will help to stay in the field of view of people who might not be planning their wedding right now but are looking forward to it.


If you’re here for best results and quick promotion, leave behind the thought to do everything yourself and go without spending any money. This is just not going to happen, not today, when there are tons of talented specialists and content creators who have occupied Instagram and thrive here for years. Use professional help and third party paid services, don’t be afraid to delegate and you will see how your efforts and time are going to bring you a decent payback – in the form of subscribers, monetization and clients.