The Do’s & Don’ts for Long Hair at Your Wedding

Has it always been your dream to come to the wedding with long hair, but don’t have long hair? Well, it can be tricky, because making your hair grow long takes a lot of time. Of course, there are tips to make that process a little faster, but there are also dangers lurking and that’s why we list the do’s & don’ts for long hair at your wedding for you!

What you should not do …

You don’t get those beautiful long and healthy locks just like that, and no matter how much you want to have that beautiful Beyoncé haircut, it is not wise to pull everything out of the closet to accelerate hair growth,as stated by WigNice. You can destroy your hair and it would be a bit of a shame if you had to give the yes of your life with damaged hair. That’s why you shouldn’t do the following things …

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To stress

We all have periods of stress, especially when planning your wedding, but even at those moments you should try to stress as little as possible. Stress is one of the factors that causes hair loss and you shouldn’t have that. Stress disrupts hair growth and it can therefore cause your beautiful hair to fall out one by one. Make sure you have enough moments of relaxation during the stressful periods!

Wash your hair every day

Wash your hair every day, because advertisements tell you to? Brides: don’t do that! It is probably completely true that your hair might look just a little nicer, but it is so incredibly bad for your hair. This is because the natural oils are retained and those oils are needed by your hair, so instead of try to wash your hair two or three times a week, instead of everyday.

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Blow dry, styles and curls

Heat is incredibly bad for your hair, but despite that we continue to do so cheerfully, because thanks to those straighteners and curling irons, our hair is a lot better. With a view to the wedding, it is therefore wise to put that hair dryer and straightener in the drawer for a while, because otherwise you can forget those long strands!

Rubber bands with iron

Do you regularly put your hair in a tail or bun? Use from now, no more rubber bands with iron, because that little piece of iron makes sure that you hurt your hair. Before you know it, it is the day of your wedding, so we can only say one thing: Off to the store to buy a proper rubber band!

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Brush your hair when wet

Brushing your hair when you are just coming out of the shower can also be better left out of your routine, because this also damages your hair heavily.

What you have to do …

Okay! We’ve had the negative points, now on to the positive things you can do to accelerate your hair growth, so that those long strands at your wedding come a little closer.

Massaging your scalp

Did you know that your husband to be can also help you in this process? He is the perfect person to give you a wonderful and relaxing head massage, so that the blood flow keeps going and your hair growth is stimulated.


Hang upside down

It may sound a little strange, okay, very strange, but it seems that if you throw your hair upside down and hold on for three minutes, it will stimulate the growth of your hair. Instead of working out with your upcoming hubby, you just hang on for three minutes!

Mask of egg

We all know that masks are good for your face, but did you know that an egg mask is incredibly good for your hair, because it is full of protein, iron, sulfur, phosphorus and zinc? It is a real budget tip and not at all difficult to make, because just beat two eggs together, add four tablespoons of olive oil and your mask is ready!

Source: Medical News Today

Comb carefully

At the don’ts, we had already discussed that combing wet hair is not very sensible, but it is also important that you gently comb your hair, ideally with a boar bristle brush. Start at the bottom of the tips of your hair and then comb higher and lower and this way you comb the tangles out of your hair instead of into your hair!

Coconut milk in your conditioner

That egg mask is incredibly good for your hair, but coconut milk is even better! Just add some coconut milk to your conditioner and the job is done. It couldn’t be simpler right?


Regularly visit the hairdresser

Regularly going to the hairdresser may not be good for your wallet, but it is very good for your hair. Your hair will of course not grow faster if you cut off pieces of it, but it will make it incredibly healthy and that is the most important thing for a beautiful haircut with long strands!

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