How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener for your Wedding Day

Preparing for a wedding day can be complicated enough and there are a bunch of things you need to be working on. Women take a long time to prepare and their hair is definitely one of the most important things for the most important days of their lives.

Some women choose to visit a hairdresser to get things done, while others want to fix their hair in the comfort of their home. Straightening it is one way to go about it, but for that you will need proper tools. Let’s check out different types of hair straighteners and other aspects before the preparations start:

1. Ceramic

Source: 6th Sense Styling Technology

Ceramic is one of the most common types of straighteners available in the market. Every other straightener seen on the shelves has ceramic built. The reason is that ceramic heats up quickly and stays hot for longer. All the heat spreads out evenly on the plates and transfers on the hair efficiently. These ceramic plates straighten your hair strands in not time without damaging them more.

2. Tourmaline

Source: Beauty Hair Products Ltd

Tourmaline straighteners are specialized to give out more negative ions. Hence these straighteners do not damage your hair. Instead they nourish the hair strands by transferring negative ions to them. These straighteners produce lesser heat so they are safe to use for thin hair as well. But they work equally well for thick and coarse hair as well.

3. Titanium

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Titanium tongs work on quick heat up technology. They heat up more quickly than any other straightener. So it is good for you if you are working women. The straightener will save both time and electric energy simultaneously. Additionally it heats up so well and is best for thick hair or hair which takes it longer with other straightener. But we will not recommend it if you have thin and fine hair. It can damage them.

4. Wet to Dry

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There are straighteners which are specially designed for wet or damp hair. They work well on damp hair strands and are used to dry them. So they perform 2 in 1 functions. They not only dry your hair but straighten them as well. To know more about wet to dry straighteners you can check out website aaplusreviews.

5. Texture

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The texture of your hair is one of the most important things you need to explore first. You must know what kind of texture your hair strands have, so you can buy the straightener accordingly.

6. Price

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Price is one thing which everyone thinks about before buying anything. There are straighteners available in the market which range from minimum price to the maximum one. Their price not only depends on the quality but also the heating mechanism they work on. You can buy according to your need. You can manage with a cheaper straightener if you have thin hair. Contrarily you must go for a high-quality heating technology if you have thick hair strands. However, considering that you seek quality this time, don’t worry too much about the price.

7. Temperature

Source: Hair Care Salon

After you know the texture of your hair, you must explore the right temperature for them. As already mentioned that thin and fine hair does not need more heat while coarse hair need high temperature. We will recommend you to buy a straightener with adjustable temperature options.

8. Tong Size

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Straighteners come with different plate sizes. The size of the plate is directly proportional to the thickness of your hair. The thicker the hair strands you have the bigger plate you need. 

9. Shape

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The shape is one of the most important things which must not be ignored while buying a straightener. Irons with straight edges make curves while ironing. Rather choose a straightener with round edges for smooth straightening.

10. Features

Source: Divine Hair Salon

Each model presents its own unique feature. Always look for the straightener that has a feature which suit you the most.

11. Use smoothing shampoos and Conditioners

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A lot of heating can cause damage to your hair. To reduce the risk of this damage, never forget to use moisturize your hair properly and this is especially important one day before the wedding or in the morning. Use smoothing shampoos and conditioners. Massage your hair with essential oils once a week to nourish them. This will not only cope with the damage but will also sooth your scalp.

12. Apply Heat Protection Products

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As already mentioned frequent heating is not safe for the hair. So prevent any damage always apply a good amount of heat protection products on your hair. This will also add an extra sheen to the hair.

13. Get Hair sectioning Clips

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If you have thick hair and find it difficult to straighten them, buy hair parting clips for yourself. These will make the process easier and quicker for you. Also they help you reach each and every strand of your easily. These clips can also be used for other purposes such a while dying or making hair does. So it will be a useful investment for the future.

14. Get Regular Hair Treatments

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Frequent straightening and heating will add to the damage of your hair. For that matter you need to go to a salon once or twice a month to get hair treatments. So the damage or breakage of hair can be managed in time before too much loss.

15. Get a Travel Straightener for yourself

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There might be times when you need to fix your hair, especially if the venue is not close to your home. On the wedding day, you can have one of your maids carry a straightener in case of quick fixes. That is important before the photoshoot itself.