How Should a Harness Bra Fit: Key Points You Should Pay Attention to While Choosing Harness Bra

It is widely considered that harness womens lingerie is not quite a popular accessory among ladies. But as practice shows this piece of wardrobe is more in demand than you may even think. If you wonder why it is so, learn more about what leather lingerie is and find out why it adds to the confidence and boldness of a woman. It is time you felt yourself a queen!

Leather Harness Bra – Main Features of the Product

Harness lingerie, especially if it is said about strappy leather underwear and accessories, is what every lady should keep in her wardrobe. However, most women never overstep the boundary between having such an accessory and wearing it considering it somewhat vulgar or intimate.

Such thoughts occur when a lady knows very little about the product mix of a famous brand of leather underwear. Because the more you are aware of the product, the more easily you can take decisions objectively. Why not choose a professional online store like Buying a top-quality bra harness that will make a true lady is no longer a problem!

Wide assortment


To buy a harness bra you should not shop all day in search of the appropriate item anymore. Today online stores simplify your life considerably. A large product mix of leather harness underclothes is about top shops like MarieMur. There, you can choose a bra of any design (be it a bra with straps or chain, or a more minimalistic model), size, and colour (be it black, pink, green, or even burgundy).

Pleasant prices

The leather chest harness is not a cheap accessory. Nevertheless, if you order it at the right place, you can make a bargain and purchase it for a reasonable price. Various discounts and coupons are other benefits of online lingerie stores.

High-quality material


For making each body set and bra harness solely true leather is used. It is soft and pleasant to touch. It is comfortable to wear. Moreover, items manufactured of such material stand out in their durability.

Impressive and thoughtful design

A large number of designs is available for ordering at MarieMur. There you will find both bras for every day wear and special occasions so that in any situation, you look astounding. Many colors of chest straps are introduced on the website – blue, red, pink, grey, green, as well as the basic black, brown, and nude.

Every piece of lingerie is also comfortable and created for long wearing without making you want to take it off. Soft leather straps are also safe to wear and, having been tested, are proven as not harmful for sensitive skin. All straps are also adjustable to fit any woman’s chest size.

How to Choose a Chest Harness Bra of a Right Size?


Shopping on online designers lingerie stores like MarieMur you should not worry about what size to choose. First of all, there is a user-friendly size chart that will help you to choose items that fit you the best! Secondly, there are a lot of experts on the website who are always ready to assist you in choosing the right size.

That’s why if you think it is nearly impossible to order lingerie that will fit you well via the Internet, online top stores will dispel that myth. But to define your size for the harness bra to fit perfectly, you will need to measure yourself according to a few tips:

1. Measure your band size

This will need taking a measuring tape and wrapping it around your back right under the bust. You will need to wear a non-padded bra to take measurements and look at the nearest sharp number on the tape to determine the band volume.

2. Identifying bust size


Again, wearing a non-padded bra, try to fix the measuring tape around the fullest part of the chest holding the tape not too tight or loose.

3. Measuring the waist size

For a harness bra, we, probably, don’t even need a cup size, unlike for usual bras. But here you need to rely on the waist measurements to make sure the accessory fits well. Circle your natural waistline which is most often above the belly button and make measurements.

4. Measuring the neck size (optional, for specific harness models)


This doesn’t require defining the thinnest part of the neck but rather the area where a collar is usually located. The same as with previous measurements, the tape shouldn’t be very tight. Hold it as if it would normally rest on the measured area without squeezing the skin.

Just make sure the tape feels comfortable during measurements and doesn’t cause discomfort, for instance, while breathing when you measure the band size. Once you have taken your measurements, see the harness size guide at the MarieMur website to see which size of the brand they correspond to. The size spectrum there varies from XS to 4XL and gives accurate measurements in inches or centimeters.

How to Make Your Bra Harness Fit Better?

Bra harness cage is made of true leather that is a flexible material. It means that by fixing straps you can adjust the size of a bra easily and make it look gorgeous! A harness underwear is an accessory that will make every curve of your body refined and your whole look special! That’s why there is no point in hesitation, visit a professional online store like MarieMur and order a bra harness of unique design!

We hope this guide was useful for you to see the endless benefits of a harness bra accessory and realize that it is necessary to have at least one item in your lingerie wardrobe. It doesn’t really matter if you mix it into brave looks or usual ones. What is actually important is how you feel when wearing it. Because if you feel more confident and attractive, the item is worth buying.