5 Best Color schemes for Weddings 2024

When prepping for your big day, be sure to check Pantone Guide. It can be quite helpful. It is basically a set of cardboard sheets that have color swatches. That is how experts track what colors are getting attention in the fashion industry, and they practically decide in advance what colors will be dominant for your wedding.

Color 1: Neo-Mint

Source: weddingshoppeinc

This pastel shade is predicted to dominate interiors in the upcoming year. It is a fresh tone that brings harmony.

Color 2: Purist blue

Source: weddingshoppeinc

Second on our top colors is purist blue. It is the color of the sea and the sky. This color is often associated with spirituality.

Color 3: Cassis

Source: kennedyblue

This gorgeous color is a blend of purple and pink. It is glamorous and sophisticated. People usually associate it with royalty.

Color 4: Cantaloupe

Source: kennedyblue

This color breaks down the gender boundaries and is associated with softness and sweetness. It is an orange tone but with milky undertones. This color is the best for the summer period.

Color 5: Mellow yellow

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This color is psychologically the strongest because yellow is light and the eye notices it quickly. It stimulates creativity and is associated with sunset and sunrise.

Everyone has a different color preference and there are tons of possible combinations.

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For winter we recommend cassis combined with green, while for the summer our recommendation is to mix pink with orange tones.

Source: I Do Take Two

Mellow yellow is a perfect color for fall.

Despite the trends, always choose the color you think describes you the best.