Spring 2024 – Trends in Bridal Fashion

Bridal fashion is always changing with each season, and this time we got to witness what is to come in spring 2024 when it comes to wedding dresses. Today, many of the brides are going for several outfits for their wedding days, like a wedding dress for the ceremony and something different for the reception. … Read more

How To Plan Your Summer Wedding For 2024

Planning the perfect wedding in the summer of 2024 can be hard to know what to do and how to go about it. Many people like to schedule their weddings in the summer because more guests are available to attend and you can take advantage of outdoor venues. However, in the summer, the heat makes … Read more

Engagement Ring Trends Over The Decades

Over hundreds of years people have been bending the knee to propose to their loved ones with promises of undying love and enviable sparkly rings to sweeten the pot. Trends come and go with the passage of time and what’s considered fashionable is constantly changing so, let’s look back to yesteryear with 100 years of … Read more

5 Best Color schemes for Weddings 2024

When prepping for your big day, be sure to check Pantone Guide. It can be quite helpful. It is basically a set of cardboard sheets that have color swatches. That is how experts track what colors are getting attention in the fashion industry, and they practically decide in advance what colors will be dominant for … Read more