Why are weddings so expensive?

An average pair spends over $35.000 on a wedding. However, many of the couples underestimate their wedding expenses and think that it will cost them way less. After all, $35,000 is a lot of money so we must wonder what exactly costs so much?

Important factors that need to be considered

Here are some of the most significant expenses you will have to deal with:

-Guest list: Most venues charge food and drinks per guest, so more wedding guests means more money to pay.

-The venue: It is important where you will get married. For example, a venue in New York costs around $80,000, while the price in Alaska is around $20,000. Also, how you get there matters as well. You should opt for a limo service, says tlt in case you organize a wedding in Dubai where the total prices go over $100,000.

-Day and time: You should be informed that evening reception costs more.

-Style: Formal weddings are for sure the most expensive.


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There is a rule in the jewelry industry, which suggests that a ring should cost two months’ salary. In general, a ring can cost from $500 to $5000 or more.


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An average bride spends around $3000 on her dress. Besides the main gown, a bride also needs a veil, shoes, and jewelry.


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Even though it sounds silly, formal cards could cost hundreds of dollars.


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The dress and the ring are quite expensive, but there are other things as well. Those include the venue, food, drink, music…


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Renting a place for the ceremony costs a lot, and some sites demand that you use their in-house catering and dining services. You could save money by hosting a wedding at a friend or family member’s home.


A way to lower the price is to cut the guest list a bit, but most couples don’t like this solution since they want their family and friends to be present.

Wedding coordinator

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The wedding is a stressful event, so having someone to direct everything and everyone is a great idea.


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Having a good photographer and videographer is very important. Good quality photos are the best source of memories, so wedding planners advice to cut the budget for other things and to invest in a good photographer.


These things include flowers, centerpieces, chair covers, menu cards, candles, and many other.


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A huge cake is a big expanse, so we suggest cupcakes which are cheaper to save some money.


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You can carb the cost if you offer only a limited selection of wines and beer. Recruiting a friend to be a bartender is also a good idea.

Band or DJ

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Whatever you choose, be prepared to spend several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Guest gifts

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Many couples like to rent a photo booth or a popcorn machine. Take-Home presents also cost money.


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A pricey trip after the wedding can be added to your wedding costs. Some couples choose to cut their wedding expenses so they can travel someplace lovely.

How can you pay for all of this?

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First of all, you should prioritize your expenses. The only way this can work is to decide what is the most important and what you are willing to give up to afford it.