What to Do if You Become Pregnant Months Before your Wedding

Whether you are nearing your wedding date or just got engaged, getting pregnant at this time can be exciting but also very overwhelming. While planning a wedding certainly is fun it can also be very stressful since there is just so much to do and focus on. The same thing applies to having a baby. When you combine these two huge events in your life happening at the same time, you realize that while it is probably the best time of your life you will also need to be very concentrated and prepared for anything.

To make sure you get through this perfectly, we made a quick guide to help you through the process.

Be calm

While it may look like all your plans have gone sideways, remember that life sometimes works like that. It brings us all kinds of unexpected surprised and this is just one of them. You can get through them. Of course, you will have to make big alterations and changes to your plans but you will still have amazing memories of your wedding day. What makes this memory much more special is that your baby will be right there with you on the wedding day.

Check the dates

Do you think you should postpone the wedding or move up the date by a few months? That is perfectly fine even if you have already booked the dates on the venue, just call them up and ask them if you could move your date. Also, check the contract you have previously signed if it is legally possible to change the dates. If you are a hundred percent sure you are about to reschedule your wedding then make sure to call all the other vendors you have hired. A catering firm, lighting crew, DJ or band or even a firework expert, all of them need to be informed of the rescheduled wedding. Some might be open to discuss the new date if they are available, but some may be stricter and even cancel their services. Make sure to spread this new information to your guests. Mentioning that the reason for rescheduling is because you are now pregnant will make people much more understanding.

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Decide if you want to hide or embrace the baby bump

Just because you are now a pregnant bride-to-be does not mean that the whole world has to know. It is completely your decision if you want to still keep this big news a secret. This is, for the most part, better if your wedding is in the next couple of months. If your wedding date is about five or six months later, it will be much harder to keep this a secret. Make sure to inform a couple of closer friends to keep an eye on you during the wedding to make sure you are eating properly and have enough rest. Also, prepare some bottles and diapers, baby monitors and one small bad 🙂

To get through these times, make sure not to panic, stay calm and simply believe in yourself that you can do this. Keep our quick little guide in mind and you will surely have an amazing wedding with your new baby.