8 Things to Know Before you Start your Australian Wedding in 2024

Since childhood, a person, especially girls, all over the world dream of their wedding day and start making plans early on. They think about their wedding dress, the cake that will be served, the venue, which is usually a beach overlooking the ocean.

Australia is a country surrounded by islands that offer eye-catching natural views. So, people from all over the world choose Australia as their wedding destination to celebrate the best day of their life. As the demand for destination weddings in Australia grows rapidly, the growth of the party hire business is also increasing exponentially.

Among numerous spectacular sites, Adelaide, the capital of Southern Australia is considered the best place for wedding ceremonies for its heritage, modernization, and multicultural nature. Along with the rising demand for destination weddings, the party hire business in Adelaide is also a booming industry.

Why should you go for a party hire?

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Your wedding day is the best day of your life. Arranging a ceremony in Australia is expensive and challenging. If you participate in the organization, you are unlikely to enjoy your wedding. So it’s always the best decision to go for an experienced party hire Adelaide who will arrange everything you need for your wedding within your budgets like sites, appearances, catering, decoration, games, photography, and many others. It is also very cost-effective and according to australian-hiring.com.au a growing number of Australians choose this option instead of organizing everything by themselves.

Two things to decide before planning a wedding:

1. Budget:

Arranging a wedding ceremony is expensive so you have to determine a budget you are willing to spend on your wedding. Start preparing for your wedding at least two years in advance so that you can avoid any hiccups.

2. Guestlist:

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You expect the presence of your beloved family and friends at your wedding. On that day, you want to declare you and your spouse as a couple. But you have to think about your finances too. So sit with your fiancé or fiancée and make a list of the guests you want to invite. Your Budget and Guest list lead you to choose a suitable venue for your wedding.

3. Book a venue:

Choosing a venue is the first step to plan your wedding. You might have different preferences for the venue selection. Like, destination wedding on the beach, beside a lake, or even on the footstep of a steep mountain. You can even choose venues from big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide. If you select a place which is far away from your home it is better to select a professional company to organize everything because you will not able to cross miles just to run some errands.

4. Catering:

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Also, make sure to consider food. Dinner is the only thing that you serve your guests. So, you don’t want to mess up with that. As a host, you must ensure a fine-quality catering service for your respective guests. Experimenting with new cuisine on your wedding day is not viable but you can add some extra indigenous or native food that relates to your family tradition as a part of the main dish.

5. Cake:

Any celebration is incomplete without a cake. The popularity of these designer cakes is increasing day by day. Some of the famous Australian designer cakes are Tome, Unbirthday, Cake ink, The Cake that ate Paris, Petal and beach, Raymond Tank, etc. Your cakes should match your venue, weather, and theme. You can order your cake from any of these bakers and you will not make a mistake.

6. Theme and Decoration:

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Theme and decoration are the ornaments to your wedding ceremony. Choosing a nice theme makes your wedding look cohesive, composed, and organized. You can choose different themes according to your personality and taste. Recently, Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia is a booming place for theme weddings for its spectacular view. People from all over Australia prefer to choose Adelaide as their destination wedding. Decoration needs a lot of stuff like the table, chair, bars, sofa, furniture, flowers and many other things which is why hiring a party planner is always advisable, so that you don’t have to worry about these details.

7. Wedding dress:

Since childhood, a girl has imagined herself in her wedding dress. A bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. So it has to be perfect. Start making preparation from a minimum of 6 months earlier to design and tailor your desired dress to avoid any unexpected situation. The same goes with the groom’s suit tailoring. Do not keep these for the last moment.

8. Photography:

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Good Photography amalgamates all the memories of your long desired wedding which you can cherish for the rest of your life. Hiring a professional photographer might be too expensive, and it is always hard to see when they are available. On the other hand, companies that organize parties and weddings will send a photographer as a part of the deal. They have also experienced photographers, but they aren’t that expensive.

Neglecting small things can cause a catastrophe. To avoid those unfortunate moments you need extra precautions.

  • Start planning earlier
  • Make a note even for the smallest things.
  • Choose a party hire wisely. Set up meetings and let them know your preferences.
  • Bargain to cut costs and know where to spend
  • Do the food tasting before ordering.
  • Do not do any major change right before the ceremony
  • Always listen to mother nature
  • Save some money for post-wedding expenditure.
  • Trail your wedding dress earlier.

A wedding ceremony is a teamwork for both bride and groom that strengthen the bonding. A picturesque wedding is something you cherish for the rest of your life.