8 Things to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding in 2024

Getting married is a fantastic feeling in itself and, the excitement increases a notch higher if you are organizing a destination wedding for yourself. People dream of tying the knots in a far-flung location that holds some special place in their hearts. For a long time, destination weddings have been looked upon by many as an ideal form of marriage. Be it a tropical location like Bali, an extravagant site like Italy, or a beach wedding in Phuket; you must consider several factors before commencing with the act. The lisbonweddingplanner.com helps in planning your wedding if the destination that you chose is Portugal.

The following pointers will help you with planning an ideal destination wedding.

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1. Choose a relevant destination:

First and foremost, the goal that you choose for the wedding must be meaningful. It can be a city that you have been to with your would-be spouse. It can also be the birthplace of your better half if they were born abroad. It can be your favorite city that you all have chosen with mutual understanding while keeping the wedding theme in mind. The choice of your destination will determine a lot of factors in the future.

According to “Sasha Popovic“, you won’t find any better place to start your new lives than Bora Bora. It’s a luxurious and magical island where you can hold your wedding and enjoy a honeymoon that you’ll remember forever. A photographer familiar with Bora Bora will be able to capture all your precious moments, so you can share your new experiences with your loved ones.

Of course, you only want the best wedding location for your most awaited event. But remember that the wedding destination you’ll choose should be accessible to your expected guests. You don’t want your closest loved ones missing this special day because of passport problems, medical issues, or other matters.

2. Pre-planning correctly:

In most cases, the day of your wedding happens during the tourist season. Because your desired destination is a traveler’s favorite spot, you will face problems like overcrowding in many places. Also, the prices are much higher during this season. During the offseason, the crowd is less in number, the prices are low, and you have the luxury of proceeding peacefully. It is always best to make the bookings in advance for such events.

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3. Make sure the guests are prepared:

The planning for a destination wedding should take place at least six months in advance. While you make your bookings, give your guests a heads up so they can prepare for the wedding. This time would be apt to book flights and hotels. Those friends and relatives who would not be able to make it due to budget constraints or any other reason will find that this is the right moment to decline the invitation. Doing this will also provide you an estimated number of guests who will be present for your big day.

4. Visit the destination:

Once you confirm the destination for your wedding, it would be beneficial if you visit it once. In this visit, you will make some settings like the caterer for your wedding, the venues where the ceremony will take place, hotels where the guest will stay, etc. You will also make sure that the vendors (photographers, florists, etc.) are in place. Alongside this, you can plan some leisure activities for the guests to make sure that they have a comfortable stay. If you cannot make multiple visits and cannot visit the destination once a month before the wedding, make sure that you reach it at least a week before the event.

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5. Make sure you follow the rules:

Different countries have separate laws regarding wedding regulations. In some instances, you will have to stay for a certain amount of time in that particular country to get legally married there. Like the French authorities will allow you to marry on their soil, only if you arrive there 40 days before the wedding. These rules are different for other countries, and there are religious boundaries in some countries. Make sure that you are aware of the wedding rules of the nation of your choice.

6. Find a wedding planner:

A good wedding planner takes the burden off your shoulders. Make sure that the wedding planner you choose is well-experienced and well-versed in your wedding location. If your planner is from your native country, then it can be easier for you to explain your requirements. If you choose a foreign wedding planner, make sure that you meet them in person at least once. An ideal wedding planner should have good relations with the local vendors, must understand your needs as a customer, should be able to make all the arrangements within the set budget. Contact the best planners if you are looking for a perfect wedding associate for an event in Portugal.

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7. The worst-case scenario:

Always be ready for the worst-case scenario, so when things start going south, you are up for it. If your marriage is taking place by the beach in Thailand, ensure that your venue is safe from the sea waves. Similarly, in the case of an outdoor wedding, take care of the artificial lights that are important after the sunset. The seating arrangement must be comfortable for the guests so that they can interact with each other. Be aware of the power supply and the backup as well. Your band or the DJ should be well-rehearsed. You have a planner to manage all that, but it is sometimes essential to take the authority in hand now and then, especially on your special day.

8. Make it fun:

Not to forget amidst all the stress that this is a destination wedding, and most people in your family or friends circle, might not have been to that place before. Make it fun for them, and do not forget to have fun yourself. This day will be remembered for a lifetime by many, so make a plan to visit the local attractions, have local cuisine, and use public transport as it is the most efficient way to explore any city.

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Make your wedding day more fun by curating a personalized program, keeping the ceremony brief, and creating a well-planned seating chart. Greet each guest to reduce the formality and pressure of the event. You could even splurge on an open bar.

Some other creative ideas include surprising your guests with a wardrobe change; planning a choreographed dance or a flash mob; adding a personal twist to a regular photo booth; or even shaking up dessert by having a milkshake bar, a cotton candy booth, and other inventive desserts.

In conclusion, preparing for a destination wedding is not an easy task. This long-distance affair requires thorough planning and will be hectic. But the result will be fantastic not only for the couple but for all the witnesses that were present at this auspicious occasion. For many couples every year, a destination wedding is a dream that they are unable to fulfill. Visit Lisbon-based wedding planners today and learn about the things that you must keep in mind for a marriage to take place in Portugal.