Exciting and New Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas

Bridesmaids aren’t just the people who plan your bachelorette party and help you put on your wedding dress. They’re the women who have stood by you in good times and bad, through every broken heart and every new love. They’ve done your hair (and held it back) and cheered you on through every stage of your life. It probably feels absolutely right to say “I do” surrounded by these phenomenal women.

Show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you by finding exciting and new outfits that will set them apart at your wedding. Check out these fabulous bridesmaid outfit ideas to help your ladies shine!

Fantastic Florals

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Mix up the stale solid-colors of typical bridesmaid outfits with floral patterned fabric. After all, every wedding has flowers—they’re on the reception tables, on the altar, and even in your hands as you walk down the aisle. That’s probably because flowers symbolize beauty and new beginnings. With floral dresses, you can symbolically tell your bridesmaids how beautiful they are to you, and that you wouldn’t want this new beginning without their love and support.

Try an off-the-shoulder dress to let your bridesmaids blossom on your special day.  Which you can find on lulalu.com.

Bridesmaid Outfit Tip: Elevate the floral patterns of your bridesmaid dresses with, what else, real flowers! Work with your florist to see if you can recreate the colors, flowers, and arrangements of the bridesmaid dresses into bouquets, hair accents, or crowns.

Glitter and Glam

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Nope! The real jewels are your actual best friends. Give your bridesmaids a chance to shine at your wedding with sequin-covered gowns. These sparkling pieces from Revelry will have your bridesmaids feeling glamorous and refined as they stand by you at the altar.

Bridesmaid Outfit Tip: You want your bridesmaids to feel gorgeous at your wedding. But guess one of the biggest culprits of bridal party discomfort? A poorly fitting bra. Make sure your girls’ “girls” are feeling their best with bras that fit their body shape. Bridesmaids come in many shapes and sizes, and your more petite friends may need a little more (ahem) support in their gowns. From AAA to A cup bras, you’ll find what she needs at Lulalu’s.

Bridesmaid Tuxes

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The newest and most exciting trend on the wedding scene isn’t red velvet cakes anymore. It’s bridesmaid tuxes! Bridesmaid tuxes for women can be provocative, sleek, and feminine. A fitted tux suits every body shape, and gives you a ton of opportunity to be creative with accents like pocket squares, cumberbunds, and vests. Plus, pockets!

Give your bridesmaids the gifts of comfort, utility, and looking absolutely fly with a bridesmaid tux.

Bridesmaid Outfit Tip: Pockets aren’t just for groomsmen and bridesmaid tuxes. Talk to your tailor about sewing useful pockets into your bridesmaid dresses. Your bridesmaids will thank you!

White Accents

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The colors of a bridesmaid dress are a bit like the “team colors” for you and your spouse. Make it clear that your bridesmaids are the heart and soul of Team Bride by choosing outfits with white fabric accents.

And sure, everyone’s heard the old adage, “don’t wear white to a wedding.” But you’ve probably also heard, “What the bride says, goes,” which beats absolutely every other wedding superstition or ritual, forever.

Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

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From your college roommate to your best friend from kindergarten, the women who stand by you at the altar are the people who have stood by you throughout your life. Choosing a bridesmaid dress worthy of these women might be harder than finding your soon-to-be spouse. But with these exciting new bridesmaid outfit ideas, you can show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you and let them be a pivotal part of your wedding aesthetic.