10 Tips on How to Buy Wholesale Suitable Tables and Chairs for Wedding

When it comes to buying wholesale suitable tables and chairs for weeding, there are myriad of styles and options from the market. With endless suppliers and manufacturers available to choose from, the situation can be quite overwhelming.

Therefore, you should stay focus on your goal and purpose of the items, which is the wedding ceremony. In this case, you will need something that will boost the mood and complement the decorations during the ceremony.

For assist in the whole process of buying these items at wholesale for the wedding, the following article will make your task simple. It comes with 10 tips that are vital for informed decisions in terms of budget, design, and quality of the items.

1. Budget

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The budget is a very important aspect of this process. It’s like the foundation that determines which course to follow. Without a budget, there is no point in this whole process of buying the wedding chairs and tables. You need to consider what you have set aside for these items.

With a budget, you can determine how many of each item you will be able to get. At the same time, the budget will dictate the style and quality of these items. Therefore approximate the number of people the items will accommodate then determine what budget will support these items.

If you are on a free budget spending, then there is no need to worry about what you will spend. In this case, you are free to buy whichever type and style of these items that you desire. But if you are on a tight budget, then you should consider what will fit your budget as well as the wedding guests.

2. Style

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A wedding ceremony is a very important occasion for the couples getting married, their families, as well as their families and community. Therefore, when buying tables and chairs to be used during the occasions, style is a crucial factor to consider. Not every chair and table is suitable for a wedding even if it’s branded as a wedding chair.

You need to select a style of chairs and tables which will complement each other in order to boost the mood. They should be simple yet intricate, a bit official but with a charming and beautiful design to fit the occasion. Also, you need to consider a style that can be piled together for easy storage after the occasion. In addition, linens and tablecloth from CV linens will perfectly suit whichever style you prefer on your chairs and tables and you get to used it on other occassions too.

Still, on style, you need to consider guests’ body complexion. There are those guests who are medium height, tall or short, at the same time, there are those guests who are medium, fat, or skinny. You need to ensure the design of chairs and tables you choose will accommodate each of them comfortably.

Lastly, consider the guest population that will attend the ceremony, if they are a few, any shape of tables and chair will be handy. However, if they are many, then you should opt for round tables that will accommodate more people than square tables. Also, long dining tables can accommodate more people while consuming less space.

3. Quantity

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When it comes to wholesale purchase of items from suppliers or manufacturers, there is a minimum threshold that needs to be achieved. Therefore, after selecting the suitable styles of chairs and tables, you will need, consider the minimum quantity of these items that can be offered to you at a wholesale price.

For this reason, a background check on the various sources of these items will come in handy. Also, remember to check the quantity against the wholesale price. Get to know how much each item is priced at a wholesale price by comparing it to the retail value.

4. Market

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There are various types of wholesale markets for these items you can opt for. The major ones are the online wholesale markets and the actual wholesale market. If you are in no hurry, then you can opt for online markets.

There are multiple options for the online market to choose from. They are either from abroad or within your country. Also, online markets give you a chance to compare various prices offered by different suppliers enabling you to get a better deal.

But if you are in a hurry to get these items, then an actual wholesale store is what you will need. There will be no time lost in product shipment. You will only need to visit the supplier and get the items. Also, it will save you from the shipment fee from overseeing. However, this market place comes with a challenge. You will have to move from one place to another to visit the suppliers and check out the product.

5. Quality and Material

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Quality is an essential requirement for wedding chairs and tables. Since you will have guests with various personalities and body complexions, you will need quality items, especially the chair. The last thing you will need is a guest crumbling down due to a broken or bent chair leg, to prevent that you can find some equipment, furniture that will satisfy your needs at culinarydepotinc.com.

What’s more, quality goes hand in hand with the material of the items. But before you consider the material and quality, where will the wedding be hosted. If it’s in an enclosed room, then any type of material will be handy.

However, if the environment is a bit misty or rainy, then consider chairs and tables that will withstand this weather. In this case, you will need seats with fabrics that cannot absorb moisture or water. Also, you can go for pure plastic chairs, pure metallic chairs, or wooden chairs with water resistance.

6. How to locate a wholesaler

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This may seem like a difficult task, especially if you are in a hurry or if it’s your first time buying items at wholesale. If you know exactly where to search, finding a wholesaler is quite easy. Networking is a great way to start your search.

You only need to spot a particular retail dealer and seek optional markets if what you are looking for. It may be difficult for the dealer to give you the contacts at first, but a bit of sweet-talking will grant you the wholesale dealer’s contacts.

However, if these items are for business sales, then you can seek and attend tradeshows or even industrial events that include these items. Therefore, your local commerce chamber is a great point to start.

But if your target is goods from oversees. You have an option of Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces that offer wholesale deals. Considering these market places for wholesalers cater to multiple buyers, there is definitely an overlap during certain times when contacting the seller via calling.

As a result, there are messaging platforms that make it much easier to reach the wholesaler without too much hassle. However, despite the huge number of wholesalers in these marketplaces, some are specifically for certain marketplaces. Therefore, ensure you contact the one that serves the marketplace where you are found.

7. Customer service

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Customer service has to be reliable whether you will need their service or not. Considering you are buying lots of goods at wholesale, the chances of damages are higher. And that’s not all; an item with defects may pass through and come as part of your package. But with reliable customer services, you will easily exchange damages goods or items with defects with good ones to avoid unnecessary losses.

Also, reliable customer care gives you access to their services whenever you need them, or have a burning question. The last thing you will need is a customer care service that takes several days to respond to your inquiries. Or even worse, refuse to give refund/replacements on goods with defects or damaged within the period of warranty.

Delivery is another customer service you need to consider. Not all wholesalers offer after-sale free delivery. Especially when you are dealing with overseas markets, free delivery is not an option. The shipment and delivery of the product to your doorstep is within your budget.

Therefore, you need to consider that as part of your budget before purchasing the items. But if the supplier is closer to you or in the same country or state as you, then free delivery is guaranteed for buyers with big orders.

8. Types

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There are various types of wholesale suitable tables and chairs for a wedding. You can either opt for wooden types, metallic types, and hard plastic types, among others. Therefore, establish which types of these items you need for the wedding. And since materials have so much to do with the difference in prices among these items, make an informed choice that will not affect your budget.

Additionally, these two items are split into types. Ones are specifically for ordinary guests, and second, that is meant for important guests who were invited to the occasion. So which among these two are you looking forward to purchasing?

9. Portability

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These products are specifically for a wedding, which means you will need to store them after use. In this case, you need them to be light and portable. They should be light enough to be carried without stress by a single person. Also, you need the type of chairs and tables that can fold into shapes that are easy to store by taking less space.

Since plastic chairs are somehow soft and can’t accommodate folding features, they are great options for saving storage by stacking them together. But if you prefer the folding options, then metallic and wooden seats and tables are a perfect choice. They are strong and can accommodate folding without facing any form of damage.

10. Drop-shipping

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This is another great means of buying these items at wholesale. However, it’s a technique common with retailers who are buying goods in wholesale for resale. But it’s a great opportunity to utilize if you want wholesale suitable tables and chairs for the wedding.

Using this method, you will have to place an order indirectly. You will need a third party supplier who will transport the items directly to you. All you will need to do is a stock list of these two items with the supplier if it’s for sale to a customer.

This will allow you to get the goods once there is an order. Alternatively, you can get the products after they arrive at the hands of the wholesaler if it’s meant for a wedding occasion about to happen.


Q. Where can you get the best wholesale deals at an affordable value in the online marketplace?

A. After identifying what exactly you need for the wedding occasion, it’s time to know where to buy these items online. Some of the best and major online markets include Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay. They are all filled with suppliers and manufacturers of these products.

Q. Where can you find wholesalers with an actual shop?

A. This is a very simple task if you have an idea of where to look at. Some of the best places to locate suppliers include trade shows, joining the whole sell community, searching in directorates, among other options.

Q. What is the minimum number of products for a commercial offer?

A. Since selling items at wholesale is much cheaper, they have enforced a minimum amount of goods you can buy at wholesale. This not only maximizes the fast sale of goods, but it also ensures the retailers will have a market for their products. Therefore, despite the consumer knowing a given product is cheaper at a wholesale price, they will only go after it if they are willing to buy them in bulk.


Finally: buying items through wholesale such as available at blossomfurnishings.com, whether for resale or personal use, is a great way of saving money. Through buying goods in bulk, the value is reduced significantly as compared to buying them one at a time in retail value. Therefore, from the above tips, I am sure you can now buy wholesale tables and chairs for weddings with ease at an affordable deal. Just make your calculations right and choose the best supplier who will offer the best services. Ensure you follow the steps from above, and you will never go wrong.