Ultimate Guide four your wedding in the Caribbean

Every event organizer or wedding host will always have the concern that their place of ceremony and celebration is the best. Also, the Caribbean has the perfect scenery; this doesn’t mean that you will not have to take some precautions. Before a beautiful sunset on the lagoon or the sea, it is always essential to take into account factors like seasons, weather, and costs of each of your services.

First of all, you have to know that the Caribbean is one of the favorite places to officiate weddings, and not only for Mexicans, since daily hundreds of couples travel to this paradise of white sand and crystalline sea to have the wedding of their dreams. Hotels are also the main options to officiate ceremonies, photo sessions, and events for weddings, so we recommend that you follow this definitive guide so that your wedding in the Caribbean is spectacular.

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Choose the perfect place

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding by the sea, in a garden or a luxurious hotel with spectacular views? You don’t have to limit your imagination because, in cities like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Akumal, and Tulum are ideal for you to project every incredible idea you have about what would be for you a perfect wedding.

How do I find the ideal place?

Just know what you need for your wedding and get a good event planner for you to get what suits you, the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean are characterized by being places with an incredible organization for weddings and events, because if you want the wedding planner to contact you in the city will have everything ready for you, from invitations to venue arrangements, banquets, make-up, music, transportation service from Cancun airport (in the case of the entire Riviera Maya), photography and so on, after this, you will be interested in knowing which are the most coveted places and themes to officiate weddings in the Caribbean.

Some of these are the following:


Ideal if for your special day if you have more than 70 guests, well, most of the haciendas are on the outskirts of the city and have ample space for activities, have a great history and the best thing about this is that in many of them you will be able to stay. If you’re lucky, some will already include the decorations, banquets, and ceremonies (in some of these, you will probably find chapels for your ceremony, if you so require). Most of the haciendas you can find them in the Yucatan peninsula, you can use applications such as maps to find the best plans to find the best of the Yucatan peninsula, you can use them to find the best routes to find the best.


The perfect place if you have exclusive guests or want first quality service with shows, light, sound, and organization by the same hotel (you can also rent the room and take your favorite event organizer). This option will be ideal for you, because, you can kill two birds in one if you get an all included wedding celebration with all your guests and also a honeymoon package, which will undoubtedly enjoy like never before with exceptional prices and first-class entertainment, usually these packages include a visit to the attractions of the city and all-inclusive service within the hotel.


The halls near the city are ideal for a wedding if you have planned that your event is in the shortest time possible, as they are usually the places that have less occupation. You can give yourself time to find the perfect event organizer if you are going to celebrate your special day with a period of fewer than two months in advance. Also, you need to corroborate what is included in the rent of the living room, because you will be able to save from the furniture to the banquet. You can choose between lounges with a swimming pool, lounges with gardens, salons completely closed or with a view of the lagoon (you will have to visit some of these places before the day of the celebration).


Beach Weddings are one of the favorite places for weddings because the stage lends itself to give that feeling of freedom, love, and calm, with the harmony of the waves of the sea in the background, perfect for a quiet ceremony, relaxed and romantic with your closest loved ones.

It is also ideal if both you and your guests will stay near the hotel zone, although there are many factors to take into account, such as the heat it will make in the place and the season (preferably in spring or summer when the rains are scarce)


Do you want to make your wedding a much more private event? You don’t have to worry about it, because, a Garden is excellent to turn this place into a legitimate fairy tale, although you have to know that the best season for your event to be in a place like this should be in summer and preferably early to witness an incredible sunset, the flowers will also be your ally if you decide to have a wedding in the garden, and also you can take advantage of the space in an incredible way.

Find the theme for your wedding in the Caribbean

There are many things that you will have to take into account if you decide to do your wedding in the Caribbean; as the availability of many of the services, you will need to carry out each of the activities you want to do before, during, and after your special event. These are some examples of things you will enjoy and also those that you will have to take into account for your wedding with a theme in the Riviera Maya.

Underwater Wedding

Many of the visitors in the Caribbean are making trends under the sea wedding themes and is that since 2007 is a fairly common practice in the area. As both local and foreign visitors love the idea of a ceremony at the bottom of the sea. However, there are many things to get into account as the weather, because many times the sea will not favor your wedding to be as calm in the depths. This happens due to the underwater current, so you’ll need to consult with a marine biologist about the best seasons to make your wedding under the sea a success!

Wedding with Mayan Theme

The Mayan theme is not one of the best known. You will have to anticipate with months your ceremony since to officiate this type of event; you will need a shaman who stands at the wedding on the day and time that the same indicates. Places like Xcaret are perfect for this type of wedding. After the park has closed (around 6 pm), you will have to take into account that the theme may be subject to the rules of the Mayan shaman who officiates the ceremony, as it is a sacred commitment to different deities of the above natural plane.

Dolphin Wedding

Unlike the wedding under the sea, this is with dolphins. Usually, in a controlled area and on the surface, so, you will not have to worry about anything more than the season and prices of these. Since from the beginning to the end of the year, costs increase due to the demand and the influx of tourists, so you must take into account that the aquarium or place where the dolphins are the one that will define the day and season in which your ceremony or celebration will be.

Plan the arrival of your guests

Many agencies like eTransfers offer transportation services that can serve you for your arrival and that of your companions. Usually, you’ll have to make your reservation weeks in advance if they are more than 30 people would have more reason to want to have everything under control, so don’t be satisfied with seeking your service at the end of everything. Prioritize the arrival, and everything will flow more easily.

Plan the Wedding Season

The highest seasons for weddings are the months of February to May and October to December, so from now on, you can start researching which is the month in which you will make your wedding, from the prices of banquets, salon, lodging, makeup, transportation and so on.

You must dedicate yourself to know which are the best seasons for your guests. Because depending on the place you come from will be the dates that they will have available as vacation periods or breaks officiated by the law that will be your allies so that not one of your prospects remains without witnessing this particular moment.


El ambiente musical es lo más importante durante una boda, ya que, sabemos que con esto podemos contagiar algo desde el momento en que los invitados llegan a la recepción y hasta que se van, por lo general, muchos de los anfitriones de la boda no piensan en este punto, porque para ellos lo más importante es que el lugar se vea lindo y que lo que se les dará de comer a los invitados este de muy buen sabor, sin embargo la música juega un papel importante en estos casos, porque es un ambiente de amor, alegría y celebración, por lo que te recomendamos que elijas tu playlist de acuerdo al horario y lugar de la boda, por ejemplo, en un jardin, si es el momento de la ceremonia o de la recepción puedes optar por tocar baladas, aunque una de las mejores opciones es tener música en vivo, ahora, si es el momento de la fiesta, puedes explotar tu imaginación y los gustos musicales de ambos para hacer de la boda un momento agradable para ti y para tus invitados.


Don’t forget to close everything you’ve prepared for this moment. Find a romantic place where both of you can enjoy a moment alone. a good option is to book a cabin near the sea and stay there for a couple of days or book your wedding hotel, a rental house of your choice is also a good idea if you want to spend a relaxing time as if you were at home or travel to see the rest of the Riviera Maya. Places like Tulum, Akumal, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen are ideal for exploring and getting to know incredible areas of interest nearby. You can also get to know the whole city if you want and take a few souvenirs to remember the best days of their lives.