14 hidden wedding costs

When planning the wedding, the biggest battle is the budget. You should always have some extra money for unexpected expenses. 1. Alterations If you want to feel 100% confident, make sure to make some alterations on your gown. It should fit you just right. 2. Bridesmaid proposal ideas If you want to ‘propose’ to your … Read more

How much does a wedding cost

When it comes to having a great wedding, it is very easy to start overspending. The average wedding costs about 30,000 dollars (without a honeymoon and engagement ring). We have made a list of the top reasons why weddings can be so costly. Reception Venue The wedding reception venue is one of the biggest expenses … Read more

Flowers at the Abbey

Flowers are being delivered to Westminster Abbey. Six members of the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies help florist Shane Connolly prepare the flowers, all sourced from the UK. The flowers and plants include blossoms, azaleas, rhododendron, euphorbias, beech, wisteria and lilac.