How to change the name after getting married?

If you wonder how to change your name, you should know that there is a lot of work. Not only because its a big decision, but because there are a lot of government forms you will need to deal with. By the end, you will have a wallet full of cards with your name, so it is all worth it. To make the process a bit easier, we have created a guide for brides.

How to change your name?

1. Get the marriage license and copies

These are the most important documents, and you can’t do anything without them. When you apply for the marriage license, ask for the certified copies (we recommend 3). Keep your certificate safe! You’ll need it.

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2. Update your social security card

After the first step, you’ll need to let the government know which name you’ll choose. You can apply for the new security card in person or by mail. If you decide to do it in person, be aware that you’ll need some time to fill all the applications. These are the documents you will need: Proof of Citizenship, Proof of Name Change, Proof of Identity, and your Social Security card.

3. Getting a new driver’s license

After your meeting at the Social Security office, wait 24 hours and then go to the DMV. There you’ll need your receipt from the Social Security office, your current driver’s license, proof of address, a certified copy of your marriage license, and a checkbook or cash.

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4. Getting a new passport and travel documents

Changing the name on the passport is considered a correction, so you probably won’t need to pay a fee. The documents you will have to bring are a completed form DS-82, a certified copy of your marriage license, your current passport, a check for the passport fee and a recent color photograph, 2×2 inches in size.

5. Change the name on bank accounts

For this, you’ll need a certified copy of your marriage license, your new social security card, and your new driver’s license.

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6. Change the name on your credit cards

This process varies from company to company. Most will require your driver’s license, state ID card, or passport.

7. Providing your new name and banking information to your employer

Contact your company’s human resources office to provide you your further information.

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8. Update your insurance information

For this, you’ll need the copy of your marriage license.